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Speaker: JOSIAH RUFF, for Fearless Soul

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“Thinking about your own death, can be the best thing you can do for your LIFE… and how you LIVE that life before you die… Why? Because it forces you to reflect on some very important questions…

If I die tomorrow…Was I happy? Would I be proud of the person I have become?

Was there love in my life? Did I give enough love? Did I show those I love the REAL ME?

Did I live the life I WANTED TO LIVE? Or was my life made up of things I should’ve let go? How could I have brought more happiness to my life and the people I really cared about? Could I have done things better? Differently? How?

Will I be missed? What will I leave behind? Will anyone on earth be better because I was there?

Thinking about your own death forces you to self- examine your life… and gives you the OPPORTUNITY to take responsibility for that life… for all the areas you have not been at your best, and therefore the opportunity to DECIDE TO DO BETTER FROM THIS MOMENT FORWARD.”

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