10 HABITS of All SUCCESSFUL People (That You Can COPY TODAY!)

Improve Motivation – If Something Works, Use It

Staying motivated is an important part of achieving our goals and maintaining our momentum. Discover what works for you and build that into your lifestyle. Get ideas from others too. Whatever works, use.

Difference Between Rich and Poor – Victor Vs Victim

The primary differentiating factor between the Rich and the Poor are their HABITS. In order to be rich you need to learn the habits of the rich. And in order to learn the habits of the rich you need to understand the habits of the poor, so that you can see it in stark contrast…

Failure is Not Final – So There is Hope For You

No matter how many times you have tried without success, know that you have not failed. There is no failure for the one who keeps trying; until you give up, you have not failed. Many get so discouraged easily but it should not be.

In Every Problem, There is a Miracle

There is no point running away from problems; face them, solve them and they will announce you. Many times, problems that come to us are God sent; to move us on in life. As you work on the problems, you make discoveries and from there to recoveries. That is how great lives are made.

Your Chronic Or Life-Threatening Illness Diagnosis – How Long Till it “Sinks In?”

Any diagnosis of illness is a shattering experience. We all hope that we’ll live to a ripe old age with minimal complications. If that diagnosis does come, how will you integrate the diagnosis into your reality? Find out how the integration process will make you stronger and in turn improve your quality of life.

Teach Kids to Be Motivated at a Young Age

Motivation is said to be one of the most important of all human behaviors. It has been studied over an over by many scientists and psychologists. Sports Psychologists Deci and Ryan believed that intrinsic motivation was created to be a variable that would influence both cognitive states and affective states.

Health, Healing and Art Linkletter’s Wisdom

What would it mean for us to live till the age of 97? Let’s take it one step further and wonder what it would be like to live that long with relatively good health. Art Linkletter’s advice is applicable to anyone facing a chronic or life-threatening illness whether or not you live to be 27 or 107. Find out how his wise words will improve your quality of life.

Make Things Happen

Achievers are those who initiate things and champions are those who are daring. You will know if you are becoming an achiever or not, if you can point to anything that originated with you, if there is anything: a project, song, product etc that is your idea. Think on this because that will be your original contribution to life.

What is Your Special Ingredient For the Recipe of Life?

What is the special ingredient for the recipe of life? Are you one of these very special people that has been able to change their lives for the better? I want your honest comments, opinions, feelings & thoughts. If you ever had something to say then say it here.

Holding Onto the Passion at Work

Happiness is…When we start a new role we are full of hope, excitement, optimism and energy. Anything from one week to three months in and we can start to feel despondent, disappointed and a little flat.

Fighting a Chronic Or Life-Threatening Illness – What Will Be Your Next Challenge?

You would think that a diagnosis is a big enough challenge in this lifetime, but unfortunately it’s one of many yet to come. Find out how to utilize the strength you’ve gained in facing your health challenge and use it to improve your quality of life.

The Greatness Within

It was Emerson who wrote, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” For some that greatness just needs to be awakened.

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