10 HABITS to Start in FEBRUARY to Change Your Whole Life in Only 30 DAYS!

ACTION is More Important than Knowledge!

It was Albert Einstein who stated that ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’. Now if he had been addressing a room full of entrepreneurs, I hazard a guess that he might also have extended this quotation by saying that ‘action is more important than knowledge too!’

How to Exude More Confidence

Confidence: The word conjures up images of self-assurance and belief in ones’ self. Self-confidence is inward security. It basically means that your source of security comes from within yourself, you’re confident in your integrity to your own value system. It is not congruent with doubt or fear.

Words that Inspire: PASSION

A motivational newsletter that hightlights a word, it’s relevance to you and asks questions on how to enhance your professional and personal lives.

Motivation To Change, Why Is It So Hard?

Nowadays life is passing by and we just move along. We changed without realizing it. Perhaps a bit of thinking won’t hurt so much; after all we have to change, with or without our consent.

Trust Your Intuition!

How many times have you been faced with a decision to make and all of a sudden you get this feeling of instinctively knowing what you must do? Something inside you is telling you the difference between what you should do and what you are meant to do. Many people interpret this as a hunch, a gut feeling or having an inkling.

How to Master Life’s Problems

Life’s Problem Solver Ezine is about check-mating life’s problems through the education of subscribers on how to take the punches that life throws, how to evade some of the punches and how to go through life with the frame of mind that puts hearts at ease, smiles on faces and make the world a better place for all who subscribe and read Life’s Problem Solver Ezine.

Being Genuinely Curious

Roger’s clients achieve success they didn’t think possible by learning to be genuinely curious about other people’s motives and reasoning. He offers a mindset that’s common-sense but not commonly practiced: valuing learning more than being right. He also shares a simple technique that can help you and others cultivate genuine curiosity.

Hello! It Is Opportunity Calling!

If I knock at your door, hold your hand, take you towards the road to fortune – would you come? If I tell you that I can guide you and point to you where the wealth lies, would you go?

How To Create A Dream

When we act with courage and persist in our dreams, we will find ourselves standing in a whole, new world. When we can hold our vision long enough, the evidence for our dreams will show up in our lives.

Getting Started is the Toughest Part of the Job

If getting started has you stunned with fear, take a deep breath and take one small action. Do something, anything. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you take action. Getting started is challenging, but once you do, you will build momentum that will keep you going.

Growing Out of Your Comfort Zone

Is staying within our comfort zones really a safe bet? I suggest that it is not. Our comfort zone is dictated by change. The harder we fight change and resist its force, the more difficult it is to break through our current comfort zone and move forward.

Quick Steps To Help You Take Action Now

Quick, action oriented, tips to help you get started and keep moving, even if you don’t feel like it.

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