10 Hard Choices You Need to Make in Life!

What Lies Behind Your Motivation?

Do you ever find yourself powering through paperwork or filing, despite the fact that you don’t really want to do it? It’s almost like you’re being driven by some internal force to get it done?

Words Of Motivation: The Rise Of Lewis Hamilton

During the 2011 Formula 1 racing season, the young British driver Lewis Hamilton had a tough time and he was badly in need of words of motivation. A troubled relationship with girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger disturbed the concentration of the normally focused Hamilton and continued bad reactions to his normal aggressive but highly entertaining driving style meant that he ended up in front of race stewards on several occasions.

Inspire Your Employees Through Business Keynote Speakers

In every business, the issues concerning the staff and employees are always present. In this case, the business owner should always ensure that the employees are happy on what they are doing and they feel good about how the activities flow.

Habits and How to Change Them

We all have habits, some good, some not-so-good, some downright bad. This article show you how to change them.

Progress Is a Fuel

Progress is a fuel. When you set a goal, the steps to it are to be celebrated. You build confidence, enthusiasm and motivation.

Above and Beyond (The Extra Mile)

Regardless of your means to make a living, do you go above and beyond? Do you perform only what is required of you? In this day and time, people try to do the least as possible but expect more in return.

Motivation Is Important to Achieve Goals and Objectives

Motivation is important for people to achieve goals and objectives. It is also essential in order to enhance ambition, desires and aspirations. Motivation is driven by enjoyment, interest, satisfaction, success and reward. There are two sources that drive motivation: the individual themselves (intrinsic motivation) and other people (extrinsic motivation).

Inspiration Precedes Motivation Leading to Empowerment

Once we find a worthy cause what follows is inspiration. An inspired human being is unstoppable because they are motivated and empowered to see their cause come to fruition.

Problem Solving for Solidifying Change

There are three core reasons why plans to change fail us: the dissatisfaction that drove motivation to change has dissipated to indifference; the vision to carry us the journey has withered from relevance or importance; or, the plan to forge and achieve the change was either ill-conceived or we didn’t stick to it. Whenever we think of the life changes we’ve made that didn’t stick we can analyse these occasions for insufficient dissatisfaction, lack of focused vision, and the lack of conception of or adherence to a plan to achieve the change.

Right Change, Wrong Reason

Every year, when people set out to make their New Year’s resolutions, they set themselves up for failure by doing one thing. They decide to do the right thing, but for the wrong reason.

Stop! Do Not Make New Year’s Resolutions – Here’s Why

It’s one of the oldest traditions we have, so lost in the mists of time that most people have no idea that the practice extends back to Roman and maybe even Babylonian times thousands of years ago. In all of that history, resolutions have been made and forgotten, ignored, put off, or, in very rare cases, accomplished. And that’s the problem.

Brain Wave Entrainment Is The Secret To Being Thin

Brain wave entrainment holds the secret to successful, permanent weight loss. Weight loss has really nothing to do with what you eat or the fact that you don’t want to get off of the couch. It’s all about why you stuff yourself with comfort foods and why vegging out in front of the T.V. is your personal default mode. Discover how you can actually succeed in getting healthy, not just for the moment, but for the rest of your life.

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