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You Decide How You Live!

When we are doing something we like, we hardly feel tired. Many people feel this way. For example, if you go fishing for a day, sitting by the lake for 10 hours, you won’t feel tired at all. Why? That’s because fishing is your interest. You draw pleasure and joy from fishing. The main reason for people getting tired is due to them getting tired of life, getting wearied of a particular job. Such emotional tiredness can be more energy-draining than the physical strength consumed.

Enjoy Life More – Embrace Change

Do you feel that your life is starting to stagnate into a boring routine? Well before you get depressed, break away from that cycle! Do something to get the adrenalin pounding through your veins again. The easiest way is to make simple changes, here’s how:

Walking! Is it That Difficult?

There are people who attempt to compare God with something or someone else. That is why man likes images and idols, which raises serious questions.

Do You Have The Sense God Gave A Bird?

Do you keep doing the same thing hoping for different results? Stop it sometimes you simply have got to “fly”?

How To Overcome a Lack of Motivation

It happens to all of us at some stage – you want to achieve change in your life, but just cannot motivate yourself to do it. You really want to reach success, lose weight, or eat differently, but just do not have the push or willingness to take action. Every time you think about getting started on your desire to change, something more important comes up, like washing the dog or running your mom’s errands. To increase your motivation, follow the simple seven steps outlined.

Feeling Challenged?

Most of us feel challenged in one respect or other during our daily lives. How we deal with these challenges is what determines how successful we become. Are you choosing right?

Ace’s Insights- KNowing How Deeply…

Knowing how deeply our lives intertwine, we vow not to kill…

The Path to Purpose

When you pick up a stick by one end you’re simultaneously picking up the opposite end. In life, we seem to think we need to pick a point along a spectrum to the exclusion of all other possible points. We position ourselves toward the right or left or middle. The position we occupy then becomes defined in terms of its proximity to or distance from other points. We wind up focusing on our differences rather than our similarities.

How To Stay Motivated When It’s So Easy To Be Discouraged

I think it’s safe to say that if you are reading this you have had times when being discouraged was much easier then staying motivated. This is an awful feeling because you want to be motivated but everything seems to be going wrong and getting you down. Here are 3 keys to stay motivated when it’s so easy to be discouraged.

So What Is Motivation? How To Find It, Keep It And Use It

Do you often find your get up and go has got up and went? Does work equate to boredom? Do you start lots of projects, and don’t finish them? Perhaps what you need is more MOTIVATON.

Jump Higher

The Biology researcher had ever done an interesting experiment. They put some fleas in a glass cup and observed the fleas. The fleas easily jumped out of it. The experiment was repeated several times and gave the same result. Fleas were found to be able to jump up to a height of 100 times its own height according to previous tests. They are thus the animal world’s champion in high jump. Next the researcher put the fleas into the glass cup again but this time, a glass cover was placed immediately over the top of the cup. This time the fleas bumped hard on the cover as they jumped up. After many bumps, the fleas grew cleverer. They adjusted their jumping height according to the height of where the glass cover was at the top. After some time, they no longer bumped on the glass cover but were able to jump freely in the cup under the cover.

How Questions Can Help You Focus

Focus. That is the single most important ability determinant of your success. The lack of it is also the single most common problem faced by a major portion of the general populace.

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