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Knowing How to End Procrastination Now and Doing It

Wishing you knew how to end procrastination now and lead a fulfilling, productive life? If you knew, would you put it off until “someday”? Well chances are good that 95% of us would at least procrastinate about it. The one thing or habit that we actually can do something about, and we don’t. We are a society who, for some reason, enjoys procrastinating. There are those people who are very good at being a procrastinator and then there are some who suffer great consequences when they procrastinate.

Fear Or Fearlessness?

So I have been thinking about fearlessness all week since seeing the photo of my 18 month old twins running in the ocean – total fearlessness. Deepak Chopra says there are no coincidences so I take that to heart! Everything happens for a reason – which leads me to this story.

Kobe Bryant’s Championship Without Shaq – Confidently Emerging From the Diesel’s Shadow

Did an innocuous rap from a former teammate really drive Kobe Bryant to the greatest heights of his career in 2008-09? What motivational lessons does his story of vindication and redemption hold for other elite athletes and “Weekend Warriors” alike?

Are You Answering the Call?

Do you know that you are being called to greatness, your greatness, at this moment? You are being called to your greatness not only at this moment but every moment of every day? Your greatness is what you must be and do to feel fully alive. What is that? The answer is to be found within you. Before you read on I invite you to tune in and listen within – right now and from now on. Listen within for that inner sense or inner knowing that is calling you. Read on…

Motivation From Wheelchair Bound Bowlers

Sometimes, people get down and depressed, and thus, become unmotivated. Yet, in the United States there is no reason to give up on your goals or get upset about anything. For those of us that have traveled to Third World countries, places where you cannot drink the water and there is no electricity, and if you’re looking for a bathroom, well it would be that tree around the corner; we know how good we have it here in the United States.

Get Motivated by the Super Collider

Most college students try to avoid subject of math and science, because they seem too hard, too much work, and college is already tough enough. The reality is that this is merely an excuse really, the bigger issue is that they just are not motivated to study mathematics or the sciences. So then the challenge is to get motivated, but how can this be done?

Get Motivated by Something More Than Caffeine!

Everyone is motivated by something and if we weren’t we probably wouldn’t ever do anything. For instance, we might be motivated by food, and thus, we have to get off our butts and go fishing, plant a crop or jump in our SUV and go down to the grocery store to buy something tasty, but mostly processed and insta-frozen. But that’s okay, everyone has to eat, and in many regards we are all motivated by food, and yes, other things obviously like sex, and sleep; oh and the need to get our emails and check in with all our online …

To Be Positive Or Not to Be – How to Get Real and Stay Positive

To be positive does not mean hiding the head in the sand and pretending that all is well when it’s not. If your shirt is on fire, it needs to be attended to. If you’re living off your credit cards, you are not in the land of plenty even if you’ve read The Secret and have manifested a million dollars for next week.

Celebrate Even Small Achievements

Success is a process. There is a path and a sequence which should be followed. No shortcut, all follow the same procedures. The danger starts when people tend to achieve everything in an instant. It’s like they don’t want to earn success, but rather they want to buy success, which is not possible.

Motivation the Cure For Procrastination

Without being motivated to take action life becomes difficult. You become lazy to accomplish any worthwhile goal in life. But as procrastination gives way to action, and your emotion fuels your passion leading to a great hunger to achieve your goals. Let us release the passion for excellence as we battle procrastination in all facets of human existence.

Who Are You With?

Who you know is of little significance in comparison to who you with! If you want to get in great physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial shape in life, it is important that you keep proper and matching circles within your circle of association. The likely reason people lose and get out of shape in life is because they contain too many squares within their circles.

Tomorrow is Tomorrow

Most self-help books will tell you when you are feeling bad to remind yourself that tomorrow is another day. And so it is. But if you expect that tomorrow will be any different from today, and then continue to do the same things and think the same thoughts, then you are in for a sad surprise.

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