30 Minutes To Start Your Day Right | MORNING MOTIVATION | Motivational Speeches Compilation 2022

Motivation By Comparison

Occasionally we are amazed at how much people with disability achieve but we need to think about this every single day. One person worth thinking about daily is Christopher Reeve.

The Missing Piece

Have you ever tried putting a puzzle together, only to get to the end and discover that a piece is missing? You anxiously put the puzzle together, constantly examining the picture of your anticipated outcome, and a piece is missing. Piece by piece you work, only to realize that something is missing — and only one piece.

The ONE Question Winners ALWAYS Ask….

Over the past several years I have experienced my fair share of success. However, it has not been without its fair share of obstacles and setbacks. I was reflecting upon this recently as I confronted a recent disappointment. Hundreds of emotions raced through my mind as the reality set in that my deepest plans and desires were not going to reach my goals.

By Planning and Exerting Effort, You Can Change Things For The Better

If we can put time and effort, and motivate ourselves to find Mr or Mrs Right, why cant we put this same amount of effort and deliberation into gaining a satisfactory career path and improve the monetary success in our lives?

Correct Your Mindset and Expel The Fear

The main problem with many of us is we loose our direction in life. We have great aspirations upon leaving school or college but then just loose direction or do not know how to achieve our dreams.

If There’s Money in a Dead Mouse…

Want a dose of motivation? Check out this revealing article

Your Biggest Do it Yourself Project

Are you in need of motivation? Well then look inside yourself. You can be your own motivator in business and in life. This article give you fives ways to “Do It Yourself.”

Letting Go Of Our Negativity

How to let go of our negativity and focus on the positive. Being aware of our negative personality traits can help empower us to be happy.

Walk In The Light

It was a mild October night, weeks after the horrific September 11 terrorists attacks on our nation. With a mix of anticipation and apprehension, my husband, children and I, entered the gates of the North Carolina state fair. The fair lights illuminated the sky as thousands of fair attendees attempted to escape into hours of fun and fantasy.

The Story Of A King And Three Maidens – Six Keys To A Successful Relationship


Is Work Still Necessary?

Many internet gurus say it is easy to make money on the internet. The article questions this viewpoint and is based on bitter experience. It also contains tips on how to become an expert in a shorter period of time than most think is necessary. It also compares modern and traditional values.

Making the Invisible Visible: The WOW Behind the HOW!

Most people strive to live their lives demonstrating to others that they know, even if they don’t. Most of our educational system is focused on teaching us to reason and to know that we know. However, the artists and adventurers quickly gravitate to the arena “that we know not” and make the process of discovery the canvas of their lives. They disagree. It seems that the artist and adventurer feed off the idea of exploring unknown territory claiming it as the birthplace of all possibility.

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