5 HABITS for an Extremely PRODUCTIVE DAY! (Try THIS in 2021)

How the Power of Now Helps You to Win in Life

If you want to win in life, you must not neglect to harness the power of now. Learn how vital this energy is to your success.

Hiring Keynote Speakers For Product Promotion

In order to generate more sales from their certain products, companies and business establishments hire keynote speakers to endorse their product to a specific crowd. The keynote speaker does this by explaining exactly how the product works and what it is used for and what the benefits of the product.

Why Our Nation Falls Apart

‘Humans’ is what we all consider and call ourselves but the most important fact of all that we can’t deny is that, we are one of the greatest and the most unique creations of the Almighty God. We are Humans, but without humanity. Isn’t that ironic?

You Have All It Takes To Succeed In Life

Permit me to share with you three obvious truths about you that you most times doubt. TRUTH NUMBER ONE – You are in this world because of a purpose bigger than you. Your ultimate purpose in life is to unleash your best self.

It’s Obama’s Fault I’m Broke!

I literally heard this come out of someone’s mouth before. So this morning I woke to my beautiful 3 month old daughter and thought to myself, our next generation is in trouble if many people don’t get it together!

Motivational Trainers

Trainings and seminars which are held by companies and business establishments twice or thrice a year focus more on enhancing the skills of their employees and encouraging them to love and embrace their work. This is where a motivational speaker comes in; they are hired to help in the training and encouragement of their trainees or their audience.

Benefits of a Motivational Speaker

A person who is a motivational speaker is one who has great oratory skills that he or she uses to inspire his or her audience towards added commitment and enthusiasm in doing their jobs. The services of an inspirational speaker are normally needed when an organization feels that they need to spur their employees on in order to achieve their goals. An excellent motivational speaker has the skills to effect the belief of his or her listeners so that they agree with what he or she has to say.

The No Excuses Approach

Are you like that? Do you listen to the excuses? If so, what are the excuses about? For how many of us do we make money the excuse? But you say “It is real. Look at the economy.” Yes, look, it’s in shambles, and more and more people are being inspired to reach down into their souls to mine the treasures there, and contribute to progressive commerce. Imagine that you have all the resources you could possible need (which you actually do!). What would you do then?

Motivation: The Heart of Peak Performance

There are a myriad of reasons that people change. Pain, joy, and hope are a few reasons. Debts, a friend’s tragic story or a great movie, etc., are a few more. These reasons may inspire us to take action. Yet, whatever our reasons to change, how we perceive information relates to our belief in ourselves, and, ultimately, how successful we become. This article discusses ways to identify and increase motivation.

When You’ve Given Up, Don’t Give up!

Giving-up and giving-in is okay. But it’s not the end of the story. Not by a long shot. If we keep endeavouring on that “impossible” task or goal, sooner or later God will tip in his miraculous power to transform us in this… We may fail fifty times, but if we don’t give up on our goals we will achieve them, eventually. All the while we are learning; that drives resilience; and, that pleases God.

Does Your Company Motivate You Enough?

Stress and procrastination are major hindrances in the way of efficiency. Motivation is the most powerful method to increase creative results. If you are looking for a job you should look wisely into the fact that there are legitimate growth opportunities with the company.

Embrace Your Defeats, For They Are Your Greatest Opportunities

Fear of defeat can be a crippling affliction. The fear that if we take some course of action we might fail can be strong enough to cause many of us to not even start down the road leading to that action. And what happens if we do not take action? We remain in a state of in-action. Which doesn’t help move us forward in anything at all…

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