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How to Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Goals

Being motivated is the key concept to achieving success. Having goals that you can accomplish will further motivate you and keep you going when all you have is blind faith. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “motivation is like bathing, and so we must do it daily”. Many people have different ways of getting themselves pumped up but we’ll go over some EFFECTIVE ways of MOTIVATING yourself. Hopefully by the end of this article I have motivated you to start motivating others, and yourself.

Everyone Has Brain Clutter

This is brain clutter – you are trying to focus – during prayer, relaxing, watching your favorite TV show or movie or a thousand other activities and your attention changes to something else. What causes this and why now and why on this particular topic?

5 Ideas for Improving Your Personal Productivity

A small number of tips designed to help you get the more out of each hour of every day. Reduce distractions, eliminate time-wasting and get more done in your work and personal time.

Is It Your Destination Or The Journey That Matters

As we travel through life we all follow many paths – some lead to success, happiness, health and enduring relationships while can lead to ruin, pain, regret, grief and disappointment. We all take the paths that our inner guidance system and circumstances nudge us along the journey.

Rock The Boat

You don’t have to be a sailor or even like the water to get my analogy here, I just love the concept. One of the major contributors to organizations not achieving their full growth and profit agendas is simply because many employees just continue to go along with policies, procedures, products and services that have lost their relevance in today’s world or for some reason they are no longer working.

Resilient Insights From A Turkey Trot

Ever wanted to quit something even when your goal is important to you? Learn how you can keep your goals in sight with these simple resiliency lessons.

The Most Dangerous Word in The English Language

What’s the most dangerous word in the English language? Care to guess? OK, I’ll give a few clues; everyone uses it from once a day to several times, it contributes to disappointment, stress and it’s harmful for relationships and careers, it’s a cause of distraction and a lack of focus, it negatively impacts success and happiness. Got a clue yet? One more clue – when people use it they seldom consider its consequences. There yet?

Are You Awake?

In one of my favorite books, Wake-Up Calls by Eric Allenbaugh – he discusses a simple yet vital life aspect and that is simply paying attention to each of the lessons life is trying to teach us moment by moment and day by day so we can avoid the larger negative consequences that can occur later when and if we ignore these often subtle and little details and messages. What is a wake-up call (as Eric explains) and how can we learn from them? Our outside an inside world constantly send us signals – some are…

The Necessity of Discomfort

Comfort is overrated. Feeling like we know what’s coming next, that we can do it easily – it’s enough to put you to sleep after a while. Where is the challenge? Where is the excitement? Where is the joy?

Got A Pandora’s Box In Your Life

I’m sure you have heard about Pandora’s Box but do you know its origin? Or more importantly do you have one in your life that is having a negative impact on you, your loved ones and your life?

The Iceberg Effect

It’s common knowledge that only 1/10 of an iceberg is above the surface. The question remains how big is the 9/10’s and what are its characteristics and how does this portion contribute to or create what lies above the surface. I want to use this analogy when we consider our life with all of its complexity including; attitudes, beliefs, behavior, decisions and mindsets. As we discuss these in more detail keep the iceberg picture in your mind.

7 Success Statements You Need Everyday

There are countless books and articles that have been written about success and many of them tell the reader about the key ingredients that are necessary to experience some level or measure of success. In order for self-help information to work it has to be internalized. This requires taking abstract statements and turning them into concrete plans. Even affirmations become ineffective when they are stated without any sense of connection or meaning. But there is another alternative and it involves making daily statements that can develop a mindset leading to success based upon whatever qualities or elements you’ve established are necessary to experience a sense of accomplishment.

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