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Motivating Others

Research has shown that the top three things which motivate people are appreciation, feeling involved and getting personal help and support with problems. And yet sometimes we might also think that some people are motivated by money, career prospects or the opportunity to make a difference.

Money As Motivator – It’s a Tool For Good

People are fond of saying that money is the root of all evil, but of course it isn’t. People and the choices they make are the root of any evil that exists in this world. Changing your money attitude will substantially increase your creativity and motivation quotient immediately.

Fun, But is it Satisfying?

Reckless abandon, joy ride, trill of the moment – do these behaviors truly serve us well, or are they keeping us from a greater awareness. An awareness that is more responsive to inner values, and a greater connectivity to humankind. Does the value of fun supersede the value of work well done, and if so, does it impact the meaning to our existence?

Brain Training Exercise

Leaving the health of your brain to chance is to be discouraged, this is one reason you need to train and exercise it in order to harness its true potentials and worth. You must have come across and equally heard of various types of exercises, but that of brain training exercise… PHEW! this is totally new if not to be considered strange.

Don’t Doggy Paddle Through Life!

We spend more time and money doggy paddling through life than actually learning how to swim different strokes that take us from where we are to where we want to be. There is the butterfly stroke (the most challenging), the breast stroke, the side stroke, the back stroke, the front crawl and free style swimming. We limit ourselves to bathtubs, pools and ponds when there are oceans out there waiting for us.

Is Today Your Day?

Do you wake up dreading the day? How about being positive when we wake up? Did you know that you have the capability to decide what your day is going to be like each & every day? The way you can do this is by setting your intention. You do this by simply saying out loud each morning what it is you want.

Getting Started – The Hardest Part of Any Task

Getting started on any task is the hardest part. Once you begin, the work seems to move along. Here are some ideas to help you get started and stay on task.

Breaking Free From Your Rope

How many of us are stuck in a rut, weighed down with the belief that we can’t do something simply because out our outdated beliefs? How many of us refuse to attempt something new and challenging because of a limiting belief that we have? Or ever worse, a limiting belief that someone else may have?

Life’s Little Instruction Booklet

Wouldn’t it be great if you had your own “Life Instruction Booklet?” If there were such a thing, you could browse through the index to find out exactly what to do in any given situation. You would then have a welcome guide to journey through life.

From Braces to Races – A Lesson in Motivation

Bonnie St. John Deane grew up in hospitals, in leg braces, and on the wrong side of the tracks, but that didn’t stop her from believing that an African-American girl, with only one leg, could learn to ski. As soon as I learned to ski a little, I set my sights on qualifying to compete in the 1984 Disabled Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria. Such an outrageous dream made me stand taller just thinking about it.

Life of Mediocrity Or Life of Passion – What’s it Going to Be?

You know what’s the saddest thing in the world? Living a life of mediocrity and indifference. Living on autopilot because that’s the easy thing to do. In fact, it’s the hardest because of the price we ultimately pay.

Motivate Yourself – Don’t Be a Quitter, Discover 3 Key Steps to Get and Stay Motivated

One of the biggest obstacles to success is the time factor. Everybody desires a change for better in any given area of their lives: health, finances, self esteem or personal relationships. But not all of us have what it takes to stick to a plan and walk it out.

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