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What Can Possibly Be Your Excuse For Waiting?

How long before we start loving our neighbor? How long before we cloth the naked, feed the hungry, visit the sick, help the poor, reach out to the fatherless, the widows and remember the ones in prison? How long before we really start loving ourselves? How long before we give, not only our money, but of our time, of our resources and of our talents? How long before we forgive the ones that has trespassed against us?

Simple Tips to Maintain Positive Approach in Life

A positive approach in life is indispensable to your success. It opens all doors to a better and a glorious future, creating a strong niche for the growth and development of your own personality.

The Lion’s Guide to Courage Under Fire

As Andrew Lloyd Webber begins his search for Dorothy in his new production of The Wizard of Oz, I’m exploring the key challenges faced by the principle characters in this story. I begin with the Lion’s search for courage and why this could desert us in times of trouble.

How to Stay Motivated With Fire Pits

Having a reward at the end of any project or goal can help you stay motivated. Once such reward could be a new fire pit for your patio or deck.

Go Ahead! Compare Yourself!

You’ve probably been told not to compare yourself to others. This admonishment is common in religions, many societies, and most families. Comparison is one of those things that “you’re not supposed to” but “everyone does”.

An Exercise in Passion – Oh, That’s Why the Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

Have you struggled to discover your passion? You’re not alone as many people feel intimidated by the idea of trying to figure out what they are passionate about. We often wonder how it is possible that we don’t know what we would love to do. After all, if we can’t figure it out, who can? This article will provide you with real tools to get started in answering these questions and start you on your way to finding a career that is both meaningful and rewarding.

Determination – You Can Still Do Something With Your Life

Not long back, my adult son Jeff and I took a trip to a very remote part of Western Australia. It’s in excess of 1000 miles from home in semi-desert terrain, very remote, very brutal but at the same time very beautiful too.

Get Motivated!

I recently attended the Get Motivated seminar in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and I have to say that it was an awesome experience. The day is filled with speakers from Fortune 500 companies, educators, business owners, salespeople, professional athletes and more. The speakers that stuck out in the mind the most were Zig Zigler, Colin Powell, and the Get Motivated Seminar co-founder Tamara Lowe.

7 Positive Steps to Motivate Yourself

Many people find it difficult to get motivated on their own. It sometimes takes a little push from a family member, a co-worker or someone you want to emulate. When those choices are not available you can read about ways of motivating yourself.

Facilitate Change in Your Own Life

At times, change can be one of the most difficult things we have to deal with. It can be easy to get comfortable with habits and current practices, making it uncomfortable when we suddenly need to do things differently. There are some keys to successful change that anyone can use to make the process easier.

Beach Living!

Stop dreaming and start doing! Make a plan and forget about what everyone else is doing! If you are not where you want to be today, stop doing what you have always done!

Spring Into Action

Finding your motivation can be difficult, you know you should be looking after yourself, but you just can’t get started. Maybe you think you aren’t motivated, lazy or even worse you have given up. Maybe the real issue is that you haven’t found what really makes you want to get moving. Finding your motivation could be as simple as finding what you like to do.

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