5 Strategies To TRAIN Your Mind ForUnlimited SUCCESS

Potential for Greatness

Happy to be here. At the risk of sounding a little arrogant, I gotta say, my life is great. Overall, I’m pretty darn content. Not in a smug way, just in a happy-to-be-here kinda way.

Witnessing Our Miracles – The Gift of Transformation

It is said that behind every cloud is a silver lining. Miracles abound. Life is about change. All these adages have stuck around for all this time for a reason! When we take a moment to look, we can see the profound miracles that happen every day. If only we will look. Finding one’s way through the trials of Life is the greatest blessing of all.

Transforming Challenges to Passion and Purpose

We hear much about happiness, but what about the melancholy side of life? The tendency is to avoid it. Rather than avoiding it, understanding it may lead to deep gratification, passion, and purpose.

Knowing Your Job, Doing “Your Part”

Whether you think your successes are coming from your own hard-work, or if you think they are Divinely inspired and delivered, you’ll find that your job in the process is the same either way. If, for some reason, you find that you are not enjoying your experience, it is up to you to take steps to change your experience. You can learn to enjoy where you are; or you can learn whatever you need to learn in order to begin “co-creating” a more enjoyable experience for yourself.

What Happened To Your New Year’s Resolutions?

I challenge each of you to do some research and pick an organization to give back to. Include your faith and family in your efforts.

Motivation Techniques – Using Power Motivation To Stimulate Anyone To Action

In this article, I’ll reveal some amazing motivation techniques and tips to bring out the fire in anyone. With the right words and encouragement, you can make anyone passionate about a certain task or subject.

Can You See The Green?

I saw a very interesting documentary not too long ago. A movie crew gave a homeless man $100,000.

Stop Preparing And Start Performing

I had yet another interesting lunch the other day with an individual that we’ll call “Larry”. Larry had contacted me and asked if he could take me out to lunch and pick my brain. He had recently attended my seminar titled “The Secret to Livin’ Free” and hoped for some one-on-one time to get some burning questions answered.

Stop Procrastinating

All of us seem to be guilty of procrastinating one time or another and want to stop procrastinating, right? There are times when we just feel that we can do it later, and then later becomes tomorrow, and then tomorrow eventually becomes never!

Self Motivation

There are three categories of people. The non-achievers, the achievers and there are the self-motivated people. Sometimes even the achievers may fail to do something but a self motivated individual draws inspiration from failures to make success stories. A self motivated person will always have his confidence levels shooting through the roof and the world is his oyster.

Discovering Intrinsic Motivation

If you are like me, you probably have had at least one day where you were moving slow and felt sluggish. You want to pursue your business pursuits, but you feel a resistant emotion towards the idea. So, you drag yourself to your desk and start to work. The realization for your own skills and abilities becomes obvious to you again as you start to draw on you own source of inspiration. To read more about intrinsic motivation. . .

Self Motivation – Learning How Self Motivation Works to Better Yourself

Self-motivation originates from many sources – the need or desire to achieve a personal goal, an emotional (and often life-changing) event such as divorce or death in the family, or even a true internal determination to “be the best you can be”. To read more about self motivation…

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