5 Super SIMPLE Ways to BREAK Any BAD HABIT Fast!

Two Different Ways to Build Confidence and Enjoy Life

When you have the necessary knowledge and know-how on ways to become self confident, all that remains is for you to take consistent action. By being committed to taking action daily or whenever the need arises, you will have all the self confidence that you want, and more.

2 Tips to Elevate Your Self Confidence

Quite a lot of confident and dynamic people that you hear about in the media or in magazines and books have long-learned to feel courageous and confident. In fact, most of them weren’t necessarily born with self confidence being one of their great qualities. More than likely, a number of them had to learn how to feel and act with self confidence.

2 Easy Steps to Feel Confident

When you are feeling self confident, you can take steps towards your ambitions and aspirations. The confidence that you have within can stand up against life’s demands and challenges.

How to Fearlessly Face a Transition

How do you face your fear and move forward when all around you is a swirling mess? There is always a way forward, it just takes a little bit of you to get it started.

Do You Know the Secret to Being Unstoppable?

The truth of the matter is that not everyone can be “unstoppable”. It’s not for the weak, lazy or untalented…but that’s not you, is it?

Take Responsibility For Your Life

The purpose of this article is to inspire and motivate you to take responsibility for your life and to take action. The report takes you through some of the essential things that we ignore and take for granted. Things that successful people never fail to implement in their daily lives. Learn these simple strategies, implement them in your life, and see how your life will transform for the better.

Become the Person of Your Dreams

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney. Do you believe that… You must GIVE yourself an opportunity to use your gifts to create the life you want and deserve?

Busy-ness + Multitasking = Burnout

How do you rejuvenate? Are you taking on more and more responsibilities and feeling overwhelmed and guilty if you don’t get everything done? Do you feel like you are on a merry-go-round and can’t get off?

Hidden Benefits of Struggle

He was born to a slave but raised in the palace of a king. His attempt to defend his country man exposed him to ridicule and shame. He had to go on exile to minimize the risk but he got more than his own share of struggle in the wilderness. He learnt to be patient, humble and eventually became the deliverer of his people.

My Lucky Spirit

The sound of the lawn mower and edger from the gardener’s across the street broke the silence from my meditation. A lot of noise disrupted a peaceful state of mind. My head was feeling like this earlier in the morning because of all of the chatter of the pile of to do’s on my desk to keep moving ahead in my work and projects.

Motivating Co-Workers Positively – Workplace Motivation Help

Today’s employees are much more mature and know what they want at work. Compensation, brand, labels are just not enough, employees need other inspiring things. And, in fact, demand them. Of course, organizations are offering them with glee. Find out what motivates your team mates.

7 Effective Strategies Showing You “How to Motivate Your Team”

The success of your business or organization depends largely on the people that make up your team. Whether they are salespeople, customer service representatives, executive managers or service providers, your team can make or break the success of your organization or business.

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