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Wrong Lifetime

What makes one man continue to strive for success while another gives a half-hearted attempt, only to throw up his hands in defeat? Good things can come in very unique packages and through the most unexpected sources.

Isn’t it Wonderful?

Wouldn’t it be an amazing thing if women could come to a place where they felt comfortable taking credit for their accomplishments? Where achievements were met with a smile and a nod from those who achieved them? Self-love is healthy and should be encouraged and valued-especially when the achievement is a 100 pound fat loss!

Artists – Let’s Change For a Change

Over the years, I’ve witnessed my students completely transform their lives and reshape their careers.  I’ll be honest with you; a lot of times it ain’t pretty. But then again, change never is.

How to Deal With Failure

All businesses must be mindful of changes that might impact their business. If conditions change dramatically, then a shift in direction & reinvention is required. But how do you do it when you watch your life’s work erode from under your feet?

5 Ways to Motivation at Workplace

Looking for ways to motivate co-workers? Here are some innovative ways to motivating colleagues. They sure will inspire and stir up your colleagues.

Ways to Stop Procrastinating

I have heard people say that procrastination is like the death of our soul. That seems very dramatic but if you are a procrastinator you probably see that much of the statement rings true. When you go through life by constantly putting things off you will see that the quality of your life in many ways decreases. This is not the way that you want to live. So how can you stop procrastination? This article will give you some suggestions to do just that as well as show you where you can get more information.

Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Hope

When is the last time you awoke grumpy? Did you take a minute to try to determine the source? Most usually don’t. Last Saturday I did. Here are my thoughts.

Who’s Taking Responsibility For Your Life?

Today’s society would like us to believe that our situation or anything else that keeps us from achieving our wants or desires is someone else’s fault. Of course, deep down we know this is utterly false. Responsibility is the high road; to not take responsibility means we can blame everyone but ourselves for our current circumstances.

How to Shatter Artificial Barriers and Move Into Your Future!

Are you a fish that needs a bigger tank? The fact that you are seeking something bigger and better for your life is proof that you have outgrown your current “tank.” Perhaps it’s time to start operating on a frequency that shatters glass…

The 6 Ways of Finding New Directions

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Yes, you can achieve it if you want it badly! Have a look at the change model and my exercise you can do on your own to archive clarity and success! Maintaining your positive attitude with regular affirmations are the best way to succeed.

Why Do You Procrastinate?

Procrastination has held more people back from success than smarts or just about anything else in the world. But why do we procrastinate? This article is going to reveal a few of the many reasons why people procrastinate and then direct you to a resource that can help you end your procrastination for good. Keep reading to find out more.

What’s Really Keeping You From Getting Things Done?

Procrastination…it’s a real killer. It may very well be one of the most paralyzing problems that people have when it comes to doing anything. But why do people suffer from it and what can be done about it? If you’re suffering from procrastination, this article may be your ticket to finally overcoming it and getting the things done that need to be done.

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