6 Powerful ROUTINES to WIN the Battle of the MORNING!

Should I Drop Out?

A bio-article of my senior year of high school. The option of dropping out to take aide of my mother, whom suddenly fell ill, quickly felt like the ‘only thing to do.’ Read more for details on how I went from the class’s number one slacker to the one to stay after hours for extra tutoring, all after making the simple promise of walking for diploma.

Motivation Right Here Right Now

Why are you looking for motivation if you already have it? You’ll be shocked and amazed that the key to motivation is right here, right now.

Appreciate a Productive Day

Have you ever tried having a day, when you do nothing… but a little bit of everything you love and appreciate? Productivity is the best way to show gratitude to all your life’s blessings.

But How Important Is Attitude?

A lot of talk has been going around about attitude. How is yours? How important is it to your success or failure?

Getting the Right Attitude for Success 101

The right attitude can make or break your success. How do you make sure that you are on the right track and giving yourself as big a shot as possible to make it?

How to Make a Boring Job Work for You

If you’re feeling stuck and frustrated with your job, you’re not alone. Know what you can do to get back to enjoying your hours at work.

Carry On

One question I love to ask my clients is “What drives you to be great?” Regardless of whether it is a champion athlete, successful entrepreneur, or a hard-working professional, I find the answers are often similar. Regardless of your business, dreams, and desires, let’s use the traits of a champion and apply them to our lives.

Top Ten Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism and Procrastination

One of the bigger causes of stress in modern life is knowing that you have to get something done and just not being able to bring yourself to do it. That report is due on Friday. You’ve known about it for a month, but here it is Wednesday and you haven’t written a word. Those thank you notes should have been sent out 2 weeks ago, and the cards are still in the wrapper. You know you would feel better with these tasks behind you instead of looming in front of you. It would seem simple enough really. Something needs to be done. So why don’t you just do it?

Look Back to Look Forward

In what direction do we hold our vision? We have 360 degrees to work with, but where do we put our attention? The study of attention, and how it impacts us every day of our life has been a life long fascination. New developments in neuroscience are giving us clues about attention that are suggesting how we use our attention can change the hardwiring of the brain radically and for the better.

Why Hard Work Beats Raw Talent Any Day Of The Week

This is a great and worthy encouragement for all humankind; for the person, particularly, with a healthy innate desire but is short on so-called talent. And we have all derided the person, who, having their talent, squandered their opportunities that come precious rarely to others. It is why, moreover, we have come to admire those with both talent and diligence – true champions in any field.

How to Strengthen Your Values: Living a Life of Character and Virtue

Your power and motivation to do the right things come from the values you hold dear, your internal operating system. I’m guessing that you, like me, are better at some than others. Just like a sport or any other skill, you can improve yourself with practice. Only you can decide to live a life of character and virtue.

Can You Win Simply Because Your Motivated?!

A teacher once told me that “the most motivated person will win, not the best person” did I believe her? Naturally no… How can someone who is motivated supersede a naturally talented person? It just didn’t make sense to me at the time. Moving on though – Did I test her theory? Most definitely so I guess what you’re waiting to hear is was she right?

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