How To Become More Motivated

Motivation is a necessity in every person’s life, whether we need it for small everyday tasks or bigger ones. Without any motivation, we become depressed and withdrawn and accomplish nothing.

Three Vital Keys to Motivation

We all have high hopes, best intentions and goals. Most of us start off strong but soon fizzle out. Finding and keeping motivation is a struggle for even the most successful people. These are simple yet powerful keys to setting a foundation of strong motivation to accomplish what you most want.

Living Now With The End In Mind

Honing in on the subject of death, our personal death, is, for so many, a terrifically morbid or horribly stupid subject that seems such a waste of time. Why focus on death when there’s so much life to live? “We’ll be dead soon enough,” some might say. And that’s just the point – it comes to so many much sooner than they realise; like suddenly.

The Christian Life – The Next Page

Life is a flip of many pages represented in years and the Christian life is no different. Each page carries a specific story or stories about our struggles, challenges, successes and failures. The mercy and the grace of God enable us to be in readiness to maximize each day and be ready for the next page. I’ve found out that there is no blank page as we progress, every page has been occupied by things desirable or undesirable. We live to learn hopefully from the past whatever may have been our portion in human challenges and experience. It’s impossible to rewrite the past but our greatest hope and privilege is that we have the next page. The Lord is not through, so, where there is life there are possibilities.

How You Can Begin A Career As An Effective Motivational Speaker?

In this economical atmosphere there is a significant demand for Motivational Speakers that can stimulate individuals and generate success. Those who are comfortable speaking to crowds of people and discover themselves motivating as well as inspiring the listeners might want to pursue a career as a motivational speaker.

Flying in the Face of Science – Culture Versus Strategy

What I have discovered is that incentives and rewards are tools of the carrot and stick philosophy and approach in motivating employees to perform, but at best they only affect short-term results and come with great risk. Too many organizations – not just companies, but governments and non-profits as well – still operate from assumptions about human potential and individual performance that are outdated, unexamined, and rooted more in folklore than science.

Baby Boomers – What Do You Value? Part 2 – How We Got This Way

Baby boomers, how did we get this way? What were the forces and events that shaped our values in the first place? In this, the second article of this series, I will use an illustration about one of the major factors that shaped us, the war in Vietnam to examine the basic foundations of what came to be the values that shaped the Boomer Generation.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Sometimes we get stuck, unsure about what the next right action might be, so how do we get unstuck? Some times I just am not sure about what my next step should be. I waiver, I procrastinate, I get caught up in busy work… My creative side really comes out… I can find a million things to do to distract me from taking action.

Good Time Management Can Be A Real Challenge For Workaholics

Good time management can assists you to appreciate life without sacrificing your working habit. Getting used to following good time management will make you the very best worker you could ever be. Spend the extra time on vacation, drinking margarita while in a spa hot tub, and yes, a great sleep every night. Nobody said that it will be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

Overcome Procrastination and Get Motivated

Procrastination in some form affects us all. It is present in everyone’s life, so don’t feel like you are the only one fighting this battle. The truth is, we all have things – tasks, chores, projects, decisions, or actions that we delay or put off.

10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Change Your Life

These ten steps are a good beginning to begin to feel good about ourselves. Treat them as a guide to staring today, right now, after reading this article, to put these ten steps into action.

What Is Courage – Does It Matter?

What is Courage-Does it Matter? The confidence, the boldness and ability to prevail over a situation despite seeming difficulties can be looked at as courage. New illustrated Webster’s dictionary describes it as, that quality of being fearless.

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