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Get Your But Out of the Way

Don’t let your but get in the way of your dreams. Rewrite the music of your soul.

Choices All Around Us

Choices are all around us. I’m not sure we realize how often we are presented with them. Some we make automatically, without even thinking about them. Some we consciously consider before we choose.

Procrastination – Why We Do It, How To Get Past It

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.” William James. This article provides some reflections on this quote and introduces the theme of procrastination – what it is, why we do it, and tips to help overcome it.

Too Much Talk Not Enough Action

Too many of us spend too much of our life stuffing around not doing the things we know we should. We talk about what we want and how we’re going to get it… we just never seem to do it. We talk ourselves into inactivity. We continue to find new and interesting reasons for not changing.

Audiobooks Can Help You Be a Better Person

Listening to audiobooks in your free time can help improve your life. They can help with motivation, spirituality or in many other ways.

Are You a Humpty Dumpty?

Success gurus unwittingly set us up to fail by thinking that what was easy for them should be easy for anyone. This is a myth. If you don’t do a reality check on your dreams you’re asking for a great fall like poor old Humpty Dumpty.

Motivational Secret Learned From Alexander Graham Bell

There are all kinds of ups and downs in this life, so learn a motivational secret from Alexander Graham Bell to keep yourself looking up at all times.

How Your Comfort Zone Limits Your Social Skills

Your comfort zone holds you back from getting the things important to you. Once you understand the unconscious mechanism that holds you back, you can expand your life.

Ask for More

Asking for more-of anything- isn’t impolite, it’s essential. When you aren’t given enough (resources, time, support, cooperation, money, etc.), you need to ask for more. When you settle for less than, when you work with less than, when you sacrifice yourself or your family for less than, you are harming your Authentic Self and depleting your self-esteem.

Getting Inspired And Motivated The Easy Way

Inspiration and motivation are the engines that make you drives towards your goals. Inspiration gets you going and fires you up in the first place while motivation is what you need a continual supply of to make it all happen. Here are some ideas to fuel your inspiration and high on your motivation.

Negotiating Tips When Hiring Keynote Speaker

Exchanging value for value is best when it comes to negotiating any deal instead of getting the price down. In care your keynote speaker wants $5,000 and you have $2,000 for the presentation, then look what do you have, which is worth $3,000 to the speaker in exchange for their services? Refer the following ideas.

How To Achieve Success Through Accountability

Individuals who succeed have created specific goals and worked hard to achieve them. They have also done one more thing – they have established meaningful relationships that will hold them accountable for the steps necessary to achieve those goals.

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