7 Best LESSONS From Elon Musk, Jack Ma, Jeff Bezos & Other Billionaires

Don’t You Quit!

Never ever quit.

Motivation – Fear of Failure

The fear of failure is more deadly than failure itself. The fear of failure paints so many imaginary scenarios which petrifies you and renders you immobile. Most folks have buried their dreams because of the fear of failure, which graduates into the fear of stepping out.


Learn about the emotion of fear, and how it can either serve you to achieve your dreams or sabotage you by keeping you from accomplishing your goals.

Inertia? 5 Tips to Getting Yourself Moving Again!

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Is your job a dead end or do you want to simply explore whatever else is out there? Matt shares 5 important tips to help you make your move.

A Special Q & A – All About Passionately Soaring in Life

1. How do I discover my passion?
2. How do I move from where I am now to where I want to be?
3. What do I do if it all doesn’t work out?
4. How do I handle negative comments from relatives or friends?
5. How do I really start it all?
6. What do I do if I don’t have the funds to do what I really want?
7. You seem so confident and sure of your purpose Barbara. How can I become that way too? THE ANSWERS…

About Creating a New Life

How do you create a new life? Where do you begin? This article will answer that for you. Enjoy Your New Life Ahead!

Break And Move Beyond The Length Of The Chains

“Never let fear, procrastination or the longing for approval from others to take possession of your mind, they become self-forged chains.” ~ Ty Howard Have you ever experienced a moment in …

Are You Iffy?

Many people say that working for themselves or working on Straight commission is just to ‘IFFY’ for them. ‘I’d rather work for a company that will give me a check every week, that direct marketing stuff is just too ‘IFFY’ for me.’

Get Things Done: Take 21!

Ever begin doing something that you do for a few days, and then simply stop doing it? For example, let’s say you promised yourself that you were going to file papers immediately before they got out …

Overcoming Procrastination: What Are The Reasons That You Procrastinate?

What are the reasons that YOU procrastinate? Are you a perfectionist? Do you procrastinate on projects that you dislike? Do you over schedule yourself? Do you have fear of failure? Or maybe fea…

For a More Successful Life – Step Out

Living your successful life requires you to step out. I remember as a teenager, right out of high school, learning this valuable lesson. Now – 15 years later – my life is the result of habitually stepping out.

At A Dead End? Look Deeply Into My Eyes!

The president of a large North Eastern company, doing business internationally, was visiting his California division. While he was there, he saw a very large photograph of, of all people, himself, ha…

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