7 Best LESSONS From Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates & Other Billionaires

Planning and Time Maximisation – Managing Your Goals Through Time

Planning and Time Maximisation, deals primarily with the aspect of managing your daily activities through time towards the achievement of your goals. Therefore, this is predominantly left-brain.

How To Coach Millennials

Check out this post to find what I’m calling a millennials scouting report. Sure, we can play a game without a scouting report, but it will take us a lot longer to be successful. Here are four tips to help us as we coach this generation.

The Power of Self-Belief

You would be amazed at how many people sabotage their life and its circumstances and outcomes due to a lack of self-belief. Millions of people every day permit others to create doubt in their ability to accomplish their goals, cause them to feel insecure and unworthy and generally contribute to the poor value of their mental state and therefore often the quality of their life in general. Why is this?

Motivation Makes You Believe You Can Achieve Anything!

As we have discovered, human beings charged with empowering beliefs can accomplish virtually anything, including things others are certain are impossible. This is because belief fortified unlocks the door to expectancy – the birthplace of miracles.

Nature’s the Adversity Teacher

The forest fire is a poignant image of renewal. Though the heat, flames and smoke destroy much vegetation, there’s the timely response. Nature has its own last word.

10 Quick Tips for Life Rejuvenation

You’re in a rut. We’ve all been there. The only way to get out of it is to shake things up! Add some of that zest and exhilaration to your life that you’ve heard other people talking about. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic. Just find a few ways to bring some simple changes to your life and you will be amazed at how great you feel!

How To Stop Negative Self-Talk

Every day I witness a tremendous amount of negative talk regarding how people feel about themselves and I see the consequences. It is the continuous stream of destructive self-talk and negative thoughts that prevent us from reaching our fullest potential – potential that is just waiting there for you.

Tips for Staying Motivated and Living Your Dream

Do you trust the process of life? Do you live your dreams every day? Is every area of your life progressing nicely? Are you meeting your goals on a regular basis? If not, how do you stay motivated when things don’t seem to be going well?

Your Reality

Your reality is what you make for yourself. Your present situation, whether it is good or bad, is the fruit of your actions.

Finding Yourself at the Bottom Is Not All Bad

If you are feeling down or possibly find yourself in a downward spiral..take a moment. First off, realize that you are NOT alone! Finding yourself at the bottom may not be a bad thing at all. When you are at the bottom there is no where else to go but up!

B’s to an Improved You

Do you want to be better than your old self? Well here’s some tips to do just that! it’s proven effective. Believe me; it happened to me.

The Power Of Positivity

I believe in being positive…mostly because the alternative seems like a drag. Who wants to mope around all the time complaining about life? Let’s make sure our players speak positively about themselves and their circumstances, because words have power.

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