7 Best LESSONS From Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey & Other Billionaires

Replace Your Fears With Courage

Learn to conquer your fears or your fears will conquer you. You have the power within you to do the thing you think you can’t.

The Art of Working Smart

Are you a smart worker?

Motivate Yourself By Planning to Shock The Bullies And Critics

Hopefully you have not been bullied or intimidated or criticised by any one. As a self-defence instructor, I find that some of my students have been humiliated by a bully and start taking classes to make sure that the situation is not repeated


The one thing that makes the difference between a mediocre life and magnificent achievement, is vision.

Women Can Achieve Anything! Discover 7 Steps to Success

Any woman can achieve whatever she wants if she knows what to do! Do you know what to do?

10 Ways To Make You Feel Happy

Did you know that your health is directly related to the degree of happiness you feel inside?

Modeling a Successful Model

Successful people have followed certain strategies or models to achieve successes. Whether they are athletes, who always perform at the highest level, or businessmen who own titan companies, or salesmen who always exceed their sales targets every month, what make them achieve all these successes?

Take Action to See Results

One of the greatest performance motivators, Tony Robbins, came out with the quote below: “WHAT’S TALKED ABOUT IS A DREAM, WHAT’S ENVISIONED IS EXCITING, WHAT’S PLANNED BECOMES POSSIBLE, WHAT’S SCHEDULED IS REAL”

Success-How A Woman Like You Can Achieve It

Ever wondered what a woman like you can do to become successful?

Are You Motivated But Stuck?

An assignment you have been waiting for has finally come along but for some reason you find yourself literally struggling to accomplish the task. You just can’t seem to be able to get the work done. You keep spinning your wheels and making no progress. You are stuck. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and the deadline is fast approaching. The more you try to focus on the task at hand, the more anxious and stressed out you get…

Self Motivation Tips and Strategies

If you condition yourself into understanding that failing to do things now may mean the inability to do them later, your self motivation will take over so that you accomplish the tasks in a timely manner.

Tips on Building Self Confidence

Developing self confidence is not an overnight process, but it is without a doubt one that is important to your well-being. Without self confidence, you will have difficulties in school, work, and life as an entirety.

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