7 Best LESSONS From Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos & Other Billionaires

Recession Proof!

If the masses are talking about lack, do not enter into their conversations. People will only speak of their experiences and their limitations. Your world should never be capped by someone else’s lack of experiences.

Everyone is Using Your Mind For Good – Except You!

In the land of tremendous opportunity we have been mentally maimed. Convinced to put our greatest asset in the hands of someone else for them to “brand” us!

Growing Up Does Not Mean Giving Up

Remember your first kiss? How wonderful it was? Even though you had butterflies in your stomach, and your heart raced a mile a minute, it was such a memorable experience. What about that first thrilling ride on a roller-coaster or blowing out all of the candles on your fiftieth birthday cake? Those moments just takes your breath away, and they warm your heart and rekindle your spirit.

Rambling Thoughts From an Old Man

My experiences have taught me that what you do in life has everything to do with the way you think; rather than it having to do with your circumstances. So often, we want to blame our circumstances for what we do. You cannot let your circumstances tell you how to live, you must live above them.

Never Never Never Give Up

I came across a very important statement, rather a profound truth articulated by Dr. Karl Menninger (a psychiatrist). He said,”Attitudes are more important than facts. I was instantly reminded of Winston Churchill’s final speech. Winston Churchill was emphatically introduced. He slowly made his way to the podium, looked at the assembly and said, “Never give up; never, never, never give up.”

Motivational Quotes About Aspiration and Life

When you read a quotation from some enlightened author, you’re getting right down into their best material. There’s no need to sift through hours of pages in order to find the best stuff; the best stuff is in the quote!

Audition – Trying to Please Everyone Else

Be honest with yourself, what do you do when friends, co-workers, or relatives tell you what you should or should not do about your life, health, career, relationships, etc? Do you immediately move to action to change what others say you should change?

Getting Rid of Life’s Distractions

One of the big things related to planning your day and getting motivated to do things is getting rid of all of those distractions in your head. On a daily basis we apparently think about the same 98% of things that we thought about the day before. We are living distracted and the worst thing about it is that we are always finding more and more things on the internet to distract us from our goals instead of of simplifying our lives.

My Secret Squirrel

Leave it to your spouse to call you on the carpet when you are not practicing what you preach. We sit on our back porch quite a bit actually It is really nice because the land behind our house is conservation land. Some cool wildlife, especially the squirrels.

About Change and You

I find many clients wanting something to change in their lives rather than changing themselves. If only my job, my income, my spouse, my life would change and let me be the same. If only he’s be faithful or if only he’d quit drinking. AND THEN I’D BE HAPPY!

Achieving Excellence Through Motivation – Color Your Life With 7 Steps to Self-Directed Learning

One of the greatest obstacles to achieving significance in life is human apathy. This widespread attitude is basically due to a lack of motivation that does not allow our human genius to surface. We just quit expecting more for tomorrow than what happened today. Life has turned into a drab, colorless sequence of events with shades of a little something every now and then, – if we are lucky. Here are seven steps to self-improvement that will bring a kaleidoscope of colors back into your life again.

Never Give Up

The key to winning over such problems is by not loosing hope. Remember a match is not lost till the last ball is bowled and a war not won till the last bullet is fired. Every dark cloud has a silver lining, so you got to wait for that silver lining. Remember, no matter how long the night the dawn will break and you have to wait for the dawn.

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