7 Best LESSONS From Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos & Other Billionaires

Is Your Life Normal or New?

I’m thrilled to announce that this has been a week of NEW patterns for me. Which obviously requires doing things differently.

Wait For Me

It starts running away. Away from you and you are left behind. You do nothing but stand still and wonder what is happening.

Nothing in the World Takes the Place of Persistence

Tenacity – it seems so simple and yet it’s the most overlooked ingredient in success. Persistence is the cornerstone of ANY successful endeavor. Nothing in the world takes the place of persistence.

Motivational Stories

I would like to share a motivational story from Jamie Valvano Howard who talks about never giving up!! At the age of 17, Jim Valvano(father) took out a simple white card and wrote down all of his goals that he wanted in life.

My Purpose Revealed

It’s amazing how in any given moment, at any given time, everything as you know it now can change. You just never know…

Getting What You Want Is Success

Success is accomplishing whatever it is that you are after. It can mean many things and it varies from one person to the other. We all have successes in our lives, yet we often do not realize or accept them as successes and consider ourselves as failures. Nothing is farthest from the truth.

A Sudden Change for the Better

I was having a good chat with my friend Gerry the other day and we got around to one of the dialectical principles of life – that being…’with the increase in quantity there will come about a sudden and dramatic change in quality.’ Simply, this means that if we continue a process with enough effort and time, a change (physical, chemical or mental) will occur.

The Power Of Action

Anyone who sets a goal should realize that you will not reach it without the power of action. You must be willing to put in the work to reach your destination. What do you want to achieve?

Stop Regret and Start Living

Boomers and Middle Agers -Is Regret Getting You Down? Maybe You gotta stop regret and change your attitude! Haven’t you wished you could do it all over again and stop regret.

Appreciation Rituals

When we were younger, my husband and I would get in bed at night and spend a few minutes going over our day. Over the 38 years this custom helped us remain connected even as it has evolved. Our daily review had slowly turned into noting all the problems we had to deal with.

Raise the Bar

Are you living a compelling life? Do you get up every morning excited because you want to engage with your business and your life? Yes or No?

How To Get Over Your Dentist Fear

Fear of dentists is quite common. Probably because it’s pretty normal to be scared of someone poking around at your teeth whilst wielding a drill. So the big question is how to get over your dentist fear?

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