7 Best LESSONS From Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett & Other Billionaires

Quit Procrastinating Your Success

We often sugarcoat our mindset with the thought of, “Things will get better eventually.” But what date have we set for eventually?

Do You Want to Change Your Life? Do It Today!

Louise L. Hay said that “the point of power is in the present moment”. This is a very important concept to understand if you want to make changes in your life. Too many people are unhappy with the way life is for them, know that they want something different, have decided what they want, yet they do nothing.

Leadership Skills – Stuck In A Rut! Get Your Motivation Back

Hands up if you lack motivation in your home business now and then! When you have your own home business and you also have a full time job it is not easy.

Need Motivation? Why Loving Yourself Is Essential and 3 Stunningly Simple Ways to Strengthen It

Do you want to feel the satisfaction of achievement and productivity, but feel frustrated, sabotaged, and bruised by negative self talk and low self esteem? HERE’S A BIG SECRET. If you call “Loving Myself” a goal, then you can use the familiar steps to goal achievement as a road map. Here’s how…

Gratitude – Making Your Daily List

Developing a daily list of things you are thankful for is a great way to start and end your day. Gratitude is overlooked by almost everyone on a daily basis. We wake up in the morning and immediately start thinking about what we have to do that day.

Motivation, Hobbies, and Activities – How to Use Them for Success

Using motivation as a tool to help yourself achieve success is something you can do. There a different things that motivate people, so you need to find out what motivates you. Once you find out what motivates you, you can use this as a tool to literally achieve any outcome in life that you want.

Self Motivation – The Key to Success in Anything You Want – Four Easy Steps

You can’t count on other people to keep you motivated. If you can’t motivate yourself, you probably aren’t achieving your dreams. Here are four easy steps to motivating yourself.

10 Reasons Why You Must Develop A Winning Attitude

Winning is first and foremost an attitude that one needs to possess before they experience victory. A person cannot go into battle or a challenge with a defeated mind and expect to win. Whether you view yourself as a winner or a loser is entirely up to you. Bad things could have happened to you in the past but what will keep you going is the fact that you have the determination and mental attitude that will cause you to possess that which is yours. I would like you to know that you can have that kind of an attitude that will claim victory through faith, hope and determination.

The Score Takes Care of Itself

One of the most popular sports cliches is the notion that “the score takes care of itself” when playing a competitive game like football. The underlying logic of this sentiment is that if focus is placed squarely on flawless execution of your game plan, it will create results on the scoreboard naturally.

Learn How to Motivate At Work Or Break Your Day

If you are those people that get up sometimes from the wrong side of the bed then you have felt how that can affect your performance at work. You can even affect people around you. If you feel unsatisfied with your work or with what you do can affect you badly as well. There are several different approaches to work motivation that can be followed to keep a positive motivation. These are some:

Letting Change Come Into Your Life

Are you resisting letting change come into your life? Many people say they want things to be different and yet they’re not prepared to look at their world through different eyes. They want everything to change and yet they’re not prepared to try different ways of doing things, listen to how other people achieve what they would really like to achieve, nor are prepared to take a leap of faith and get out of the rut they are in.

Divorcing Mediocrity for Excellence

Your commitment to excellence will inevitably determine the quality of your life, irrespective of your chosen career. Therefore, accommodate excellence in your life and expel mediocrity, which is all about living below your true potential.

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