7 Best LESSONS From Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos & Other Billionaires

Removing Barriers To Change Your Life

Why is change so very difficult for us humans? Why is it that we can’t just identify what is making us unhappy and change it? Bored with your job or hate your relationship, your weight or your lifestyle? This is what you can do to start improving your life.

Motivation Tips – 6 Ways To A Motivated Mindset

There are often occasions in our lives when our motivation levels wane. We sometimes get into a rut and lose all our drive and focus. Learn some proven motivation tips so that you can quickly and easily rediscover your energy and zest for life.

Jessica Cox – Four Lessons From a Champion in the Game of Life

In the game of life, there are champions, there are losers, and there are spectators. What does it take to be a champion in the game of life? Discover four lessons from Jessica, a champion in the game of life.

The Covenant of Hard Work

Exactly what motivates people to work hard? Motivation might be the thing that separates the wise from the unwise, because it goes to the heart of the issue – what resides in our hearts. What reason do we work for? Is the cause a noble one or a selfish one? Those who learn to love their work, and do it for love, end up blessed as a result. On the contrary, people who loathe their work, and work generally, have miserable lives.

Is Your Complaining A Good Thing?

Why would you ever consider complaining a good thing? We have been accustomed all our lives to think of complaining as a “bad” attitude that many of the people who surround us have all the time, and nothing else.

Power In Taking Action

I have found there is an immense amount of power in taking that first initial step in beginning to work toward a goal. I haven’t always been so goal oriented because I find that I question myself to an absurdity sometimes. This can be a positive thing for developing logic and reason but can also be similar to shooting myself in the foot at times. Planning for the future is good, essential even, but planning with no action is obsessive and counter productive. I believe it was Confucious who said, “A journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step.”

Is Competition Necessary for the Growth of an Individual or an Organisation?

Competition is the spirit to work more and more in order to achieve success in life. It is the key to the path of glory.

Using the Fear of Failure to Motivate You

In most cases the fear of failure ‘intimidates’ people and this is why it can turn so many away from their intentions or goals! On the other hand this same fear can also help strengthen or renew your motivation as well! Read on to see how we can turn these fears into a source that will make getting motivated a relatively simple act!

Motivational Management Techniques

Motivation is the magic key to attracting extremely talented personnel to your small business. There are many ways to motivate people and the motivational process will change from employee to employee. One of the interesting aspects of small business is that you can tailor your motivational processes to the individual employee in order that you can get the best you can from them.

From the Mountain to the Valley

Recalling now, some seven years ago, how I had reached a point that I thought was a solution to my woes that only ended up as a deeper problem, brings fresh insight. I couldn’t sleep on a Monday night so I went early into work – about eight hours earlier than start time, to be exact. I wrote a two hour e-mail to a trusted mentor about a significant challenge I was dealing with (one of the romantic kind), did some work and then slept till daybreak. Later that evening I received his prophetic reply.

Motivational Speakers On Exercise Videos

Whenever you pick up an exercise video or purchase and download one from the internet, you will always find these exercise endorsers speaking to you. They double as motivator who helps guide you as well as motivate and encourage you to exercise and do the routines in the video. One of the more…

Everyone Needs Motivation – But Why?

Like most people, you probably feel that you know something about motivation. Something, but what?   Motivation is the motive – the internal reason – we have which prompts us to act in certain ways and directions. Like most people, you probably feel that you know something about motivation. Something, but what? Motivation is the motive – the internal reason – we have which prompts us to act in certain ways and directions. In a profound sense motivation is not a thought, since that would be purely intellectual. When we are motivated, whatever we are thinking is always hitched to an extra energy that appears electrical – it hits the body, producing a desire to act. Motivation is like a tide: it ebbs and flows. Perhaps the best parallel of all is with energy; the flow of energy within us. This recalls the concept of Chi in Chinese philosophy, and of the yin-yang in the Tao Te Ching.

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