7 Best LESSONS From Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk & Other Billionaires

Procrastination – What Am I Avoiding?

When we put off doing a task that needs to get done. What are we avoiding?

Never Give Up

What separates the losers in life from the winners is that the winners press on. No matter how impossible something might seem, they push ahead.


There is a certain way in which you can eliminate all of your internal self debate. I don’t care what you want, by using this method you’ll eliminate your internal debate every time. There will be no more thinking it over, compromise, doubt, coulda, shoulda or if I’d only’s. When you put this into practice the decision is made, and you no longer have to waste energy making up your mind.

Positive Focus – Watch Out For Pink Elephants

Our brain is a very sophisticated machine, with its own way of interpreting the things around us. It turns out that one particular thing our brain can’t understand is negatives. Whenever we hear or use the words “no”, “not” or “don’t”, the brain simply ignores them and keeps the rest.

What Do You Want?

Most people can quickly name five things that they “want.” How many can you name that you “desire?” What’s the difference? Does it matter?

This is No Secret – How We Hinder Our Success

Many of us want to do things in life, but never attempt them because of many reasons, the primary reason for procrastination of our goals or dreams is: Fear. This chief of all reasons keeps us from ever fully realizing our potential simply because: we fear failure; we fear loss; we fear ridicule. Wipe fear from your mind and visualize where you want to be. It is through thought that we can make manifest our deepest desires and even influence others to believe what you want them to believe.

Leave Your Crutches At the Door

There is a common phrase that says, “Who we are is the culmination of our choices.” Everything is our lives happened because we made choices or others made choices that affected us. Each of us have done wrong, embarrassing things based on choices made at that time. Many people live in a world of responsibility and accountability. Yet another segment of people refuse to face the reality of their choices and the damage and consequences they caused. Which group do you belong to?

How Can You Restore Your Passion for Life?

How can you restore your passion? How can you live your purpose? What is the greatest pleasure in life? Here is the answer…

How to Stop Procrastination and Start Living Your Dreams?

Here is a brilliant advice that was said long time ago by Theodore Roosevelt…

Procrastinate Now!

Have you ever had the opportunity to do something to better yourself then, for some inexplicable reason, just never got around to taking advantage of it? I think all of us have done that at one stage or another. Chalk it up to procrastination. Will I? Won’t I? Will I? Won’t I? If you are a procrastinator – and let’s face it – YOU KNOW IF YOU ARE – then my advice is to…

Destiny – Where Is Your Life Heading?

Where is your life heading? Can you answer this question with any certainty? Let me tell you this… if you are not going FORWARDS then, automatically, you must be going BACKWARDS. Nothing sits still. Nothing remains the same. It either improves and becomes greater or it declines and becomes lesser. So, are you improving? Not sure? Then, the answer will invariably be NO. Find out how you can move forward and bound out of bed every day with a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye…

Why Procrastination is Your MORTAL ENEMY!

There are few conditions that can paralyze a person’s future more than the disease of procrastination. Procrastination is the paralysis of action for fear of making a mistake. It will ensure that whomever is afflicted with such a condition will live a life of inactivity and regret. Find out how you can knock this awful condition on the head…

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