7 Best LESSONS From Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk & Other Billionaires

Saddened to Grave

The worst life sucker i have seen is Anger. You loose some parts of your life span every time you get angry. See those gifts that anger and worries gives that accelerates the journey to graveyard and make a decision whether to embrace them or avoid them

Procrastination – 4 Steps to Overcome It

Postponement, undeniably, is the main aspect that influences efficiency. When building a Legitimate home based business procrastination is a significant factor in the failure vs success rates.

Are Your Self-Beliefs Really Holding You Back?

You constantly hear that your self-beliefs are the cause of your failure. I am here to tell you, that is malarkey. The message you hear so often is that you are holding yourself back. The underlying message is that you are afraid, weak, intimidated, cowardly, and so on. The real problem is not you; it is your perception of the world. Writers, speakers and gurus of all sorts would have you believe that your lack of success is because you do not believe in yourself.

Self Motivation – 5 Minutes to Get Motivated and Accomplish Something Meaningful Today

Are you tired of feeling that you are losing your time in unnecessary business? Are you frustrated after finishing your day with a sense that you haven’t accomplished a thing? Many of us are so caught up in our daily routine that we don’t even consider the remote possibility of getting passionate about what we do. Here are 5 simple steps that will help you organize your day and get motivated again to accomplish something that is meaningful to you.

Motivate – 3 Easy Tips to Inspire and Recognize Others

The number 1 driver of job satisfaction identified by Gallop is Recognition. However over 65% of employees say they receive no recognition on the job. It is no wonder that poor recognition drives increased churn. The good news is that you don’t need to be a motivational speaker or inspirational figurehead to get a handle on recognition. With 3 easy steps, you can recognize and inspire with confidence!

Living a Life of Regret

Emily Dickinson wrote, “Remorse is cureless, the disease not even God can heal.” ‘Remorse’ arises as a sorrow for past decisions that you’ve made, while ‘regret’ serves as a broader, more useful term, describing a wish that you’d made other choices in the past: choices either to avoid doing something that you’ve done or to do something that you avoided. At their root, the two emotions are practically synonymous. They’re both cases of feeling sad because of choices that you made once upon a time.

Success Begins With Self-Education

They, whoever they may be among unscrupulous marketers, tell you that their technique or product is a “proven winner.” Often they pad their super-duper offers with arbitrarily-valued bonus reports and whatnots intended to give you that final impetus to reach for your credit card and get screwed.

Double Your Self Motivation and Achieve Your Goals Automatically

Everyone wants to achieve their goals and dreams in life, but making your dreams comes true is not always easy. It requires hard work, and to work hard you have to be self motivated. Your dreams may be very dear to you, but at some point in life one may lose the initial motivation and wishes there was a a magic pill to double self motivation.

Self-Motivation – Many Methods For Success

One extremely important quality that every successful business person should possess is self-motivation. Self-motivation may appear impossible at times, especially when outside distractions are involved.

Phrases That Can Make Your Dream Die!

Most of us have had a huge dream and thought we could make a difference in some area. Then we told others, and they didn’t think we could do it or told us it wouldn’t work because it had never been done that way. Many times we just listened to them and let the dream die; then tried to convince our self that it would never have worked anyway. Years later we then still regretted the fact that we let others have the power to convince us our dream would never work.

Out of the Bird Cage

Learn that sometimes we are in bird cages. Learn that it maybe that the door of the cage is open.

Stunning Motivational Makeover

There is a common saying which says – we become what we think. Can we give a thorough makeover to what we think? Can we transform our negative thoughts to positive ones?

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