7 Books You Must Read If You Want More Success In Life

Do You See the Cyclic Nature of Life?

You don’t even need to be very observant to notice that everything around you operates in cycles. There are four seasons every year, we see both day and night every 24 hours and extensive research has shown that we operate best when we work in sync with the ultradian rhythm, which means that we operate optimally, when we work in cycles of 90 minutes, followed by short periods of rest. Our bodies are also tuned in to operate according to the circadian rhythm, which means that we sleep when it is dark and are awake, when it is light.

Motivation: It Ain’t Driving You Anywhere

Everybody wants to be more motivated. Consider that we’ve been looking at looking at it all wrong— the access to motivation may be easier that you thought!

Choose to Change

It is incredible to be alive today and to have the freedom to choose, how your life will unfold in the future. You can either choose to continue spinning your wheels, where you just keep getting more of the same, disappointment, regret or where you get to experience no meaning in your life at all. Or you can make a different, better choice, where you choose to improve things, by inviting daily discipline into your life.

Let Me Ask You A Simple Question

What is the most important thing in your life right now? Stop whatever you are doing right now and what’s the first thing that comes into your mind?

End Emotional Eating While on Vacation

Going on vacation can be a challenge for those who are prone to emotional eating. Here are some tips to help you.

Confront Your Fears

There is only one person keeping you trapped in a life, which you do not enjoy. That person is no one other than you. Get out of your own way and everything will immediately begin to change for the better.

If You Don’t Innovate, You Will Eventually Evaporate

There is a never ending ebb and flow of change going on all around you. An example of this is depicted by First National Bank; they are one of the oldest banking institutions in South Africa. Yes they had name change a few years back, but ostensibly they are still one of the oldest and largest banks in South Africa.

If I Only Knew Then What I Know Now

Ever thought that? Come on, everyone has at some point in their life. So, what were the circumstances that caused these thoughts? No one knows what is around the next bend in the road all we can do is do our best today to try and ensure that what lies ahead is positive and good. The problem is, as you are well aware, that even doing everything right and to the best of your ability will NOT guarantee that trouble does not lie ahead.

Should You Be Serious About Success?

Do you have a clear picture of what success actually means to you and are you serious and committed about achieving that success? Are you content to continue to just leave it all up to the winds of chance? Or are you committed to build a plan for your future, where you keep a record of your progress, the lessons you learn and you have a system to record any great new ideas you may come up with?

Waiting, Wishing, Hoping

Waiting for something to come into your life; good or bad? We all wait sooner or later for something and I’m not referring here for the traffic to lighten up or for a call from the lottery that you just won a million bucks.

Motivation: What to Do When You Don’t Feel It

Whether you want to lose weight, clean the garage, prepare for a test, or finish a project, you have to find a way to start. Sometimes motivation is elusive. If you don’t feel it, however, you need to create it.

Self-Discipline – Is Your Top Success Tool

I am sure you are like everyone else out there and you want to achieve meaning in your life. There are unfortunately no short cuts to success or to invite meaning and fulfilment, into your experience. They are all the result of self-discipline and consistent commitment.

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