7 of the BEST Health TIPS of ALL TIME From the Worlds Leading Health Experts

Motivation In Life’s Journey

What is your motivation for living, more than just paying the bills I hope? What is it that drives you to get up in the morning, what is your determination?

Are You An Everyday Achiever? The Time Management System For Goal Getting Instead Of Goal Setting

How many days do you sacrifice to meaningless activities? I say sacrifice, because when you let any day go by without nurturing and spending time furthering your dream, you are killing previous progress. Let me say that again, you are killing previous progress. You may complain that others are holding you back, because you don’t make enough or are not appreciated enough or loved enough, or whatever your preferred excuse is, but the truth is that the killer of your dream lives within your home.

Failure Rocks!

The one thing we want to avoid is failure. How we act when things go wrong determines how long before they are right again. Learn how failure will lead to success.

Think and Grow Rich on Steroids

It is not enough to just read a book. Are you willing to internalize what you have read and apply it? What will be different for you now?

Following Through With Things Vs Making Excuses Not To

Do you ever really want to do something but let fear get in your way? When we make excuses not to follow through with things it can only lead to our own demise. Find out what’s holding you back from you’re own success and what to do about it.

How To Put More Challenges In Your Life

Why do you need more challenges in your life? SO you can have more happiness. Recall all the greatest moments in your life and then look at the challenge behind it!

Commander of the Universe

As human beings, our relationship with the Universe/Creator is so powerful that we can not ignore it. This is the single most important relationship that we will develop. I hear people saying all the time we all must be humble, and show humility. I do not like these words.

Be Positive For Once In Your Life

Have you been told that you are a negative person and who never appreciates anything in life? There is a very powerful method that you can utilise to be aware of the times that you are negative or unappreciative and how you can immediately turn this around.

The Beginning of Greatness

Do you know what make certain people reach great success in sports? If not allow me to tell you, it is their mindset. Your mind is the beginning and the end of what can be achieved in your life.

Think And Grow Rich Saved Me After A Heart Attack

This may be a bit tongue in cheek but it is a true story. I know this for a fact as I am the one who had the heart attack. No, I did not use the book to break my fall when I was in the throws of the attack, or to rest my head on in the ambulance. I used it two months later as medication. No, I did not eat the paper either. My own story here is to give others an idea and a bit of humor as to what I felt was a help to me when I was experiencing the biggest medical event of my life.

Decide Today – Commit to Create – Act Now

How can I make 2008 extraordinary you ask? That’s easy.

Stop Thinking And Start Doing – Getting Motivated

Do you ever have problems finding that motivation you need to get all your activities done for the day. Let’s face it, most of us are very good at the planning aspect, we write out a list of tasks that we would like to accomplish for the day. You may have even broken them down into career or work tasks and personal tasks, perhaps you have gone even a step further and assigned priority next to each of the tasks but still you are not getting everything that you desire to complete.

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