What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

I watched a wonderful video on YouTube this week about how there were no limits when we were kids and that we need to get back to that. The video was geared towards entrepreneurs, but the message is valuable for everyone. When we were kids we were big dreamers and felt like we could “do” and “be” anything in life. What happened to that line of thinking? Where did we lose our confidence and let our dreams slip away?

Vision Board to Faster Results – 5 Steps to Create One That Works For You

Learn how having a vision board can create better and faster results. Bring what you really want into your life sooner than expected. Included are five steps to create a vision board that works for you.

Persistence – Taking the Passive Route Through Frustration on the Way to Success

There are many inspiring examples of reaching a goal through persistence. In this article a more passive form of persistence is examined.

Life is For Living – Make it Count

What do we say to family and friends and associates on a regular basis so much so that we get trapped in this ritualistic way of being with one another? We see those we care about and keep our conversations shallow, short, one-sided, close minded, criticize, judge one another, express our opinions and then go on.

Find Something to Motivate You Towards Your Fitness and Strength Goals!

I want to direct you towards finding ways to stay motivated. Allow yourself to read this article and feel free to send me your input when you are finished. You may like what I have to say!

The Path of Life – Get What You Want in Life – From One Article?

This article is really focused on getting rid of the excuses. It’s time for some tough love, to take stock of your life, figure out what exactly it is that you want, ascertain if you are willing to work hard for it, get on the path, rinse, wash, repeat and keep going until you achieve it or you die first. Sorry, no ifs ands or buts accepted this time around!

Building Motivation With the Snowball Effect

“What can you do when you’re lodged in a negative stream of events, and the mountain of problems saps all of your motivation to fix things?” Use the snowball effect to your advantage!

3 Myths That Disturb Business Dreams – The Story of Jack Spooner

Jack Spooner is developed a successful business during an unsuccessful time because he did not listen to conventional wisdom. Instead he chose to follow his dreams.

Overcoming Problems

There is nothing more frustrating than to struggle through and work things out only to stumble over new problems. I think I have finally figured out why or why not anyway.

Just Do It Is The Simplest Way To Self Improvement

We’ve all heard of taking the bull by the horns, and if you’ve even been to a rodeo and watched the roping events you’ve seen a cowboy jump from his horse after lassoing a calf and flipping it over to tie its feet. It’s amazing how they do it so quickly and well that’s the point, the contest is about time.

Using the Cosmic Law of Attraction to Create the Life of Your Dreams

The Cosmic Law of Attraction in it’s simplest terms means “That which is like unto itself is drawn”, or “Like Attracts Like”. Everything is vibration, and when things are vibrating at the same frequency, they are naturally attracted to each other and will be drawn together.

Are You a Life Procrastinator? Take This 3 Question Quiz

There are two types of procrastination – putting off the little things and putting off our dreams. The former while irritating to others isn’t that serious. The latter, however, will leave you feeling nothing but regret as you come to the end of your life. Use the short quiz in this article to discover if you’re a life procrastinator.

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