Powering Ahead With Charisma

Charisma can be the most powerful self developed trait that can set you up for resounding success. Understanding and unleashing it daily is key to unlimited achievement.

3 Ways to Master the Petty Annoyances in Your Life

As I look back, I can see how I have wasted countless hours fretting over small things that one year later I couldn’t even remember. It has taken me much too long to understand that every hour I waste worrying about something trivial is an hour that I can never get back to use in a constructive manner.

What Are the Main Secrets of the Millionaire Mind?

Do you believe that you create your life or are you a victim what has happened to you? Set aside your spiritual beliefs for just a moment. I say this because I hear so many people say, “If God (or whatever they believe in) wants me to be rich, I will be rich.” I do not necessarily believe this is absolutely correct. I believe that if you are meant to be rich, you will be given opportunities act upon to be rich and prosper. Anyway, back to what I am talking about.

No More Boredom

When we are bored we have this tendency to engage in activities that will increase our boredom and make us feel worse about ourselves, especially when we realise hours have passed and we have produced nothing meaningful. You may rummage around the web and find yourself reading things and playing games you would not ordinarily do. They may be great distractions but are they relieving boredom?

Being in Service – A Real Ego Killer

No matter what spiritual tradition you are studying, there are unlimited suggestions and tools for doing so. However, no matter how many methods we come up–nothing can replace service as one of the most powerful techniques.

When is Failure Not Failure?

A common definition of failure would be: The condition or fact of not achieving ones desired end or ends. For me a least, there is no such thing as failure. If I act boldly, if I reach out into the unknown and things do not meet my expectations, if they do not turn out the way I wish, I can learn from my actions and take different ones in the future.

What Makes a Powerful Woman?

Powerful women have eight individual qualities that serve as the central core of their lives. They live and breathe the first seven of these, which keep them true to themselves and help them achieve the eighth trait easily. When a woman possesses and practices these qualities on a daily basis, she becomes the essence of a true, powerful woman, no matter what her worldly picture may look like to others.

The Power of Being Proactive

Have you ever wondered why some people never appear to have the same problems you do? Or, why do some situations never occur in that other person’s life? Well, maybe that situation in your mind has happened. Once. Then, that person suddenly became a pro at preventing it from happening again.

Motivational Talk

There are troubles and duties we all must deal with. I’m not suggesting you drop your responsibilities and slack off on what you know you must do. Just take the time to question all of your assumptions regarding duty and responsibility. Figure out how much of your life is spent doing things that you really don’t have to be doing. Get rid of all the old, bad habits that cause unnecessary aggravation and eliminate them from your life.

Tell the Corpse You’re Sorry

Is it a general truth that we fail to use our time properly? Do we weep at the grave because we realize there is no longer any chance to do or say what we now wish we’d done, and said? Death is long, and life is short, and that fact can be a wonderful motive for using life while you have it.

Let Your Thinking Help You on the Field

The recent baseball scandal on the use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs has left a scar on many of the sports records. Steroids is not the answer to better performance because the side effects and future risks are to great. Let the power of the mind be your enhancer!

The Secret of the Riches – Act Now! Do it Now!

Do you know what is the major obstacle for a person to achieve success? It is called procrastination. Some people will always be waiting for the right time to do something significant in their life. The problem is that there is no such thing as the right time.

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