Procrastination Can Cause You To Lose Out On Life

Procrastination can be defined as two different sides of the same coin. The definition of procrastination changes according to each and every individual’s point of view. Procrastination is type of ‘avoidance behavior’ which refers to deferment of work, tasks, action with extending time limits. Some of the psychologists think that procrastination is a mechanism of coping with tasks or decisions with anxiety associated to it. Procrastination can be good as well as bad.

What Causes Procrastination?

Procrastination as we all know is a bad habit and we should discourage ourselves from having such an attitude towards life. However, do we really know enough to protect ourselves from this evil habit? In this article we look into the different causes of procrastination.

The Art of Catching Up with Yesterday

Now you can beat the procrastination addiction at its own game! I provide a proven equation of what to do and if you are brave enough to follow it, it will work. If you really want to know how to take a bite out of the things you procrastinate about then Read this Article!

Creating Everyday Magic and Miracles – Part 2

Magic and miracles aren’t reserved for Harry Potter and his cohorts. All of us can benefit each day from life by understanding how to create our own miracles, magic, and awe-inspiring wonder. Begin to see life as a creative playground where we learn as we play and play as we become more.

The Richest Place On Earth

Where is the richest place on earth? If you pose this question to 100 people, they all will get it wrong. Here are the kinds of responses you will get.

How To Regain The Best Years Of Your Life

Many people believe that once they reach a certain age, they can’t fix the bad habits they have, like smoking, falling into bad relationships, or over eating. They become an unchangeable part of who they are, and they accept the all too often horrific consequences that go along with the bad habit.

A Winning List is the Key

What is it that you keep putting off This article will help you get it done before the year is up.

What is Your Life Purpose?

With the advent of Oprah’s new online classroom and the exploration of Eckhart Tolle’s latest book, there are a vast number of people asking the question, ‘what is my life’s purpose?’. It’s a very exciting time in our human history, one that may actually bring us to the ‘next evolution’ of mankind. What if the ‘age of aquarius’ is actually here? Are we ready?

Reframe Your Bad Habits Into Good

Habits, by definition, are habitual things we do. Whether it be a habit of needing that after dinner cigarette or biting your fingernails during a stressful period, we all are creatures of habit no matter how spontaneous we like to think we are.

Improving Motivation

Motivated people make a huge difference to organisational success. So how can you improve motivation?

Why Not Try Out Hypnosis For Motivation?

As in studies of psychology and neuropsychology, motivation is referred to a person getting engaged to a particular behavior, a human behavior to be more specified. The reason for a person engaging to a behavior can be as simple as the basic needs like food or a high profile multi level project, goals in life etc. according to Mr. Geen, motivation means the initiation, intensity, direction, persistence of one’s behavior.

Direction – A Function Of Wisdom

Wisdom is what makes stars in every field of endeavour. Every increase is a function of wisdom. If you don’t know what to do with £100, how will it ever increase to £500? Insight-the ability to see ahead and plan for the future-is what guarantees increase. Beloved, do not eat your tomorrow today.

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