Stop Procrastination – The Ten Minute Trick

To stop procrastination can be tricky, especially when you are working online from home and you don’t really have to do anything – you know you should, right, but there’s no boss that will fire you if you delay it. In this article you will learn a really simple and easy trick to stop procrastination and get something done.

Motivation Does Not Work – There is a Better Way

It may seem shocking to hear that motivation does not work. You may have heard many speakers tell of the wonders of motivation. But, I guarantee you that those speakers do not need motivation. So, what is the real truth? This article reveals it.

Why We Like to See Others Fail, Fall Or Do Something Stupid

If you were to ask anyone, they’d tell you that the reason they like to see people fail, fall or do something stupid is that it’s funny… and there’s certainly no denying that it truly is funny. Would you believe, however, that people didn’t always find it funny?

How to Overcome Procrastination by Using This Wickedly Effective Little Known Strategy

The absolute best way to overcome procrastination is to arm yourself with strategies to kill procrastination. You know how you use weed-killer in your garden to get rid weeds? Well that’s how you should think about overcoming procrastination. Procrastination is nothing more than a weed that with the right weed-killer you can exterminate once and for all.

Losing Sight of the Bigger Picture Perhaps? Restoring Your Lost Vision

We need a way back. We need a way of reviving the global picture so we see it all with true sight. Somehow we need to remember during these times that even though we’re small in the overall scheme of things, we’re never ever insignificant.

Making Impressions on Motivations

Motivations are like appetizers. They tend to prepare and prune the mind for greater aspirations especially towards achieving an important goal. Motivations activate the mind, turning it on, green and full of life.

Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude

Do not judge a book by its cover simply means the content is more valuable than the cover, the content is rich, it is a full package and the quality is guaranteed but can we acknowledge this truth individually? Is anyone a full package these days?

Doing What it Takes to Succeed

The common cliche goes, ‘Life is full of obstacle illusions.’ Most successful people will argue that;great ideas creates conflicts, wars and even battles. Success requires that you learn how to overcome yourself and your dreams and not merely what lies on your way.

Acres and Acres of Diamonds

The Chinese word for crisis is made up of two characters, one that represents danger and one that represents opportunity. In our life, sometimes the greatest challenges bring about the greatest opportunities for positive change. In Hebrew, the word for crisis holds the meaning of a “birthing stool.”

Be Confident – Be More Than Persuaded!

Have you ever met someone who was so gifted, talented and anointed, but hasn’t walked into their potential yet? Here are some pointers for them to walk into the fullness of God’s calling for them.

Mid Life Doldrums – Shake Things Up, Carefully

Middle age brings all kinds of angst and it’s a tough phase of life to be sure. We often fight back against mid-life doldrums by making changes, by shaking things up to try to recapture the optimism and energy of our younger years. But we need to be careful about what we change: we run the risk of discarding the things that really are meaningful and important, the things that hold us together. And some changes cannot be undone.

Few People Really Think and Few People Are Really Free

When you are genuinely conscious, no matter where you are, you are genuinely free. Life and existence are only a prison to those who do not genuinely use their resources, no matter what they may be. This article is for those who have a good why to go with their innate how.

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