8 Best AFFIRMATIONS to MANIFEST Anything You Want in 2022!

Where Do You Want To Live?

Live where and how you want, and by your rules and not your bosses.

How To Stay Motivated Like Henry Ford

Learn a motivational secret from one of America’s most successful people.

Don’t Wait for the Cavalry

In the movies, the cavalry eventually comes. This is not always the case, perhaps it is not often the case, in the real world. Don’t wait for the cavalry. Don’t be afraid to be that leader that we so sorely lack.

Would You Believe?

Would you believe that what you believe is alive and well in every aspect of your life today? What do you have faith in? What do you believe to be true? If you let this question live in you for a while, you may be surprised at some of your many answers.

Sand Between my Toes

Sometimes no plan is the best plan. Sometimes ‘nothing’ is exactly what our body and mind need.

Search To The Value Of Life

Don’t you often have the feeling that our mind is very much occupied with the thoughts about “what we are not allowed to do” or “how every thing should have be done” and through these thoughts we don’t give ourselves the freedom to enjoy our lives?

Create Your Own Reality

Quiet often when you ask people how they are doing, they don’t dare to say frankly that they are doing very well.

Sounds of a Distant Drummer

The moment I decide to do good, sin is there to trip me up. I truly delight in God’s commands, but it’s pretty obvious that not all of me joins in that delight. Parts of me covertly rebel, and just when I least expect it, they take charge.

Short Sleeves Insights – I’m More Than Words Can Say!

“I don’t take your words merely as words. Far from it. I listen to what makes you talk; Whatever that is; And me listen.” Shinkicki Takahashi was born in the fishing village of Shikoku, smallest of Japan’s four main islands, in 1901. He is considered one of…

When Oportunities Come Knocking – Making Decisions

What to do when you don’t know WHAT to do! Everything comes into our lives for a reason. Oftentimes, when we are not at our best energetically or otherwise, we won’t take a second look at something that is coming our way. We’re not up to it, we figure and without much thought, we’ll just turn away from it, decline (with thanks) and think nothing more of it. We may be missing the boat here. Instead of saying no, think it through.

How Decisions Create Personal Grit

Decisions are a funny thing, once you make them they seem to take on a life of their own. A great example of this is when I was around 17 when I finally decided that my part time position as a warehouse assistant was not really the career path I had in mind. It was a role that I sort of fell into as a last resort after dropping out of further education and not something that held any real interest for me.

Motivation and Discipline – How to Make Yourself Succeed

If you’re in business for yourself (or others), nothing is worse than sitting and staring at the pile of what you must do while you do nothing and slowly fail. We almost all know what we must do to succeed. Why don’t we do it? Better yet, what can you do to make yourself do it? It’s all about discipline and cross-over motivation.

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