9 LESSONS Billionaires Learned EARLY in Life! | #BillionaireMindset

30 Minutes to A Happier, Healthier You!

Life getting you down? Stress at work and problems at home, and you find yourself in the middle of this badly made sandwich? Did you know that you only need to spare 30 minutes to not only get life back on track but to actually bring back that lost positivity? Yes, this is exactly what life coaching offered by a good motivational speaker can bring for you.

Are You Ready To Dream Your Dream?

Do you have a dream? Are you living it? How would you like to be able to live the life of your dreams?

Be a Man – Don’t Cop Out, No Excuses

Let go of loser excuses. They’re killing your Manhood. This article will make you realize that it’s not the outside world that is the major factor in your life, it’s the size of your balls. Accept that every single excuse you have has been overcome by others in worse shape than you. Read this Article if you Just want to Be a Man already.

Is Your Life Impacting Positively on Others?

The ability to positively influence those around us, will set us apart as candidates of greatness. In this article, I will be highlighting some reasons why we need to positively impact those around us.

Motivation Is One of Our Most Powerful Emotions

The one thing that every entrepreneur requires is strong motivation. When making the difficult decisions necessary to become successful, it is strong motivation that pays large dividends.

Increase Self Confidence – Be a Real Man – Stop Worshiping Heroes

Only preteens should get all obsessive and gushy over strong male role models. Or any role models. Men are their own role models. If you ever find yourself a bit more excited or praise-filled for some strong figure, take a good look at yourself and check if your balls are intact. Probably not. This article is mean to remind you how to get back your Manhood from this trap.

Motivation Advice – 7 Keys to Getting Motivated

Motivation is something that you can control. This article gives you 7 tips for increasing your motivation.

Motivation Is The Key To A Successful Home Business

I think we all know that motivation is the force that drives each of us to achieve our goals. Without motivation we lack the will power that makes us want to succeed.

What Are You Saying About Your Circumstances?

Circumstances are conditions of facts that are connected with an event or person. Since we know that circumstances alter cases, it is imperative to always understand the circumstances that play around before judging a matter. In life, what may be good, wise or praiseworthy in some circumstances may be bad, foolish or blameworthy in other circumstances.

Use Fear for Fuel, Don’t Be a Wuss – Let Fear Inspire You, But Never Be Your All

Use your FEAR to make you a MAN. This Article tells you how. Revel in it, thrive in it, enjoy it. Don’t face it and make it your lifelong ambition to avoid it face it and FIGHT it. Just be a man.

Perseverance – A Story From The Great Indian Epic ‘Mahabharata’

‘Mahabharata’ is one of the two greatest epics of India, the other one being ‘Ramayana.’ It is a story of political power games and war. It is a long story with a number of characters and many twists and turns in the storyline. The storyline, the characterization and the narration are so interesting that this epic remains popular with successive generations.

How Positive Thinking Can Transform Your Life

You have often heard people talk about the wonders of positive thinking. But you wonder how it could help you. How can a change in thinking bring about a change in our lives? These are some questions that your rational mind will shoot. But positive thinking does influence events in our lives. Let us examine how.

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