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Motivational Self Improvement As a Way to Realize Your Life’s Desires

If you feel there is no way out in life wait till you hear my story! My story is not a rags to riches revelation but how I used self improvement to whisk myself out of life of desperation and despair. Find out how you too or your loved one can turn their life around – a life of architectural design!

Power of Imagination Increases the Quality of Your Life

Imagination – it’s the simple process of using your mind’s strength to visualize what can be; it’s the limitless canvas where anything you want can be painted. Richard Bach, the widely acclaimed American writer with firm beliefs on the human ability to act beyond physical limitations, said “to bring anything into your life, imagine that it’s already there.”

The Courage of Ownership – Is it Worth It?

How much ownership do you take in your work? How invested are you in the bigger arena, areas outside your own job. Taking ownership and holding ourselves personally accountable requires courage. Where does the courage come from?

When No Skills Equals Famine

Global warming is creating catastrophic disasters everywhere on the planet. They range from cyclones, tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, drought, land shrinkage and desertification of farm land, to name but a few of the problems we face. So how prepared are we to face the future and to protect our families? How many skills should we acquire in the meantime or is it too late?

Why Bruce Springsteen Earns More Than You

May I ask you a question? Between a pop star like Bruce Springsteen and a brain surgeon, who creates the greater value in a person’s life? Correct, the brain surgeon does! The brain surgeon has the ability to save a person’s life whereas Springsteen can only make a person feel good for a few hours. Why then is Bruce Springsteen paid 100,000 times more than a brain surgeon? What does Springsteen have that the average brain surgeon does not have? The answer is what I call the ‘leverage factor.’

Get Rid of Fear and Embrace Freedom Today

“Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. FEAR is the one thing that defeats us more than any other thing in the world according to Ralph Waldo Emerson. It is the one thing diminishes our capacity in a heartbeat.

Are You Getting Where You Want to Go in Life?

Okay I was sitting at my desk the other day just thinking, as I usually do for about 15 minutes every morning, just contemplating on how I can better serve my readers and followers. I finally, after a few minutes of deep thought, realized that I should ask a very important question first. It may seem simple but its powerful.

Motivation Tricks – Today Aim to Just Get One Thing Done, Period

Are you stuck having critical tasks that never seem to get done, day after day, week after week, year after year? Spend a day on just one task to complete it and you will feel refreshed with a huge burst of energy, ready to tackle the next task!

A Closed Mouth Will Starve You to Death

From my earliest work experience as a child handyman for an overbearing, demanding woman who was virtually impossible to please, I have constantly promoted myself as a person who delivers top results in even the most challenging of circumstances. To help me develop a personal brand based on this ability, I created a methodology I call Fresh PASSION.

Do This to Double Your Productivity and Double Your Time Off

What is the key to double your productivity yet double your time off? What is the key to achieving it?

Just Enough to Survive – Let Go of the Hard Road of Just Enough & Choose The Easy Path – Part 1

Each night we look at the news and we see a changing world. The fear of losing our home is on the increase and many individuals do not know how to handle this situation, apart from working harder and longer. They are struggling just to survive, on what is a hard and an un-enjoyable road. Have you ever thought that there could be an easy road, a path that doesn’t have as many potholes that are no longer filled with bull-dust?

Get a Hero to Motivate You For Success

As a motivational speaker, I believe in getting a hero. In order to get motivated to be successful, I find that it is extremely helpful to get a hero. Getting somebody to be a role model for you keeps you inspired to stay on track while you work towards your own success. Many celebrities such as athletes, movie stars and music artists, serves as our heroes.

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