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Holding On In the Early Days of Goal Fulfilment

The NEW YEAR brings the opportunity for a new start – to shelve the failures of past to reach the goal or goals we’ve richly striven for but fell short of. Early going can be hard. Days after we commence a new endeavour, no matter how much we looked forward to beginning, we found ourselves in a lonely predicament; it was a great deal harder than anticipated.

Motivation – Your Dreams Lie in the Balance

Motivation comes from within. I set goals and meet them through self-determination and the desire for and amazing zest that arises from accomplishment. I can suggest, cajole, offer avenues and opportunities, and even push a bit, however, motivation comes from the body and soul. I achieve my goals because I push and pull and prod and explore and though effort, visualization, and adaptation I arrive at my target. Sometimes it is exactly as I have envisioned, but more likely it has morphed into the reality of the moment.

6 Ways To Make BIG Changes In 2015

It’s 2015 and time to begin a new year. Many of us will set out to redefine ourselves by making big changes. In most cases change is not an accident. It is purposeful and happens through a mindset of intent. So here are a few questions to help you along in the beginning of your change and plan.

That’s Good

I am alive and have reached day 365 of 2014, the last day of the year. Curiously, I reflect on that wonderful expression used so well by W. Clement Stone some half century ago. What expression, you ask? We’ll get to that. First, what about 2014? Well, like every year that I have lived so far there have been problems. Indeed I went to Thailand this year for the first time in forty years! And that reminds me that forty years ago I was married to the wrong person and that the marriage ended acrimoniously. But what is that when I consider that this time I went and met my ex-wife again and patched up the past, as well as spending time celebrating with my marvellous son through that marriage, and now his three children. Yea, things were bad, but you know what? That’s good.

The Nine Qualities Of A Champion

The qualities that make one stand tall amidst difficulties. The attitudes that makes one stand ahead of others in life.

27 Life Lessons I’ve Learned Up Until Now

It’s my annual process: around my birthday, I submit myself to some major self-reflection. I often think about my life, where it’s been, and where it’s headed. I reflect about the people in my life.

Stop Being Realistic and Free Yourself From The Reality Trap

Have you ever been told before to be more realistic? I have spent so much of my life, being told this, especially by those closest to me, and it grates on me every time. It seems like such a harmless phrase, but that simple phrase can kill potential and creativity so quickly, especially to kids.

Born, Died And In Between You Did What?

The only thing that is certain in life is that we are all going to die – we don’t know when, where or how, but some day we will experience our last day on earth. So the question is – how are you living each day or how will you live the time you have left?

Thinking Outside the Square – What Does That Mean?

In essence, our topic means to do something in a way which is unexpected. It is to do things in a way not done before. It is to try to do the “undoable.” Our author gives an example of thinking outside the square – “Training Jumping Fleas.” The he looks at how three different persons thought outside the square and in doing so helped others. Finally, he looks briefly at how he thought outside the square.

Motivating Yourself at Work

Pushing yourself to perform is the basic concept of self motivation, but for some people this is hard for them to do, especially at work. Not being motivated at work can cost you promotions, raises, and even your job. The first small step towards self motivation is to accept that there are a number of ups and downs in life and at work. Your journey in life is not going to be a smooth highway. If you do not want to blend into the background at your place of employment and be passed over for raises and promotions then you will need to become self motivated.

Self-Centered Behaviour – Can I Change?

Your friends and relatives, who know you reasonably well, sometimes react badly when you have a negative impact on them. Like when, without realising it, you happen to act in a self-centered way. We are all perfectly capable of being be blind to our individual faults which are glaringly obvious to others. From a Swedenborgian perspective, there is a basic weakness in our human nature that needs to be addressed. The weakness is not the original sin believed by some traditional Christians, but rather, according to Swedenborg, it is due to everyone’s inbuilt inclination towards self-orientation. Perhaps you have noticed how at times you have brought on to yourself disappointment and difficulty? And that this has happened through your own foolish or self-centered motivation. Perhaps you have realised you need other people to help you get through the troubles of daily living. And that lacking in yourself all the answers and energy for finding happiness, you need a higher force beyond yourself. If so then you will have signed up to a spiritual power that creates a new motivation in your inner being. A hidden influence that spiritually minded people welcome into their lives.

How To Change Your Mind – Three Ways To Motivate Yourself To Take Action

Do you want to get more things done in life? If you truly want to accomplish more it is essential that you motivate yourself to take more action. However, your limiting beliefs or your low self-esteem might prevent you from doing what you really want to do. In this article you will learn how you can use your thoughts, your body and your words to help you change.

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