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Having the Right Attitude

Anyone can succeed. You just need to keep a few things in mind, and find the right attitude.

Getting it Going

The most important thing you could ever do in any venture is get going. That’s how you’ll go to a new place, experience a new view, take new actions. That’s how you’ll get feedback. That’s how you’ll know is it making money, do you like it,-and the thousand and one other questions that you can’t know grandstanding or preparing.

The Good, the Bad, and the Loud

Are you aware of the battle going on in your head, over control…of you? Yes, I know, someone tells you you have voices in your head, you think they are calling you crazy! Right? Well, that is not what I am saying, and I promise you, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Get Up and Dance

What do you do to change from ‘not so good’, to GREAT day? You know, when you’re just not feeling so great, the day is going long, and you’re searching for some kind of boost. What do YOU do?

Are You a Big Shot? 3 Sure-Fire Signs

Let’s start at the beginning. After Kim DeYoung’s initial hand analysis session knowing her Life Purpose (from her fingerprint patterns) is: “Successful Passionate Creative in the Community Spotlight.” In other words, Kim is a “big shot.”

Life is Short Rant

Life is short. What do you do when you’re running in circles and actually feel like life is too long or not even worth it? How about if you are comfortable with where you’re at but know you can do more but don’t feel like it? Find out.

You Are Always Beginning It!

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you would have done anything to get it? And then, part way through your journey to get that thing, in the middle of all the pain and suffering and things-going-wrong, you stop and say to yourself “what was I thinking?”.

The Special Force of Mentoring

Having a mentor I an integral part of getting where you want to go and achieving what you want to achieve, as fast as possible, with the fewest mistakes. I consider mentors to be key components of maximizing your Conquering Force. In your life, you have probably already enjoyed the help of several mentors. For example, you may have had a parent, coach, teacher, or associate who made a major impact on your life. A mentor could even be someone you don’t know personally-someone whose philosophy or example touched you so deeply you decided to emulate him or her. In some way, directly or indirectly, these people were there for you. They knew what they were talking about, and they showed you a better way to achieve.

How to Take Proper Action

The Success Attitude formula makes achieving your Core Desires simple. The Success Attitude formula shows you how to unlock and open the door of opportunity. Success Attitude = (Core Desires + Direction) X Proper Action + Persistence. Without proper action, you can’t obtain your Core Desires. A Latin proverb says, “If there is no wind, row.” I add, “Row with both oars, but first untie the boat from the dock.” The Conquering Force is the power that causes you to take the proper steps, no matter what the risk or how many obstacles you encounter.

How to Find Direction

The Success Attitude formula makes achieving your Core Desires simple. The Success Attitude formula shows you how to unlock and open the door of opportunity. Success Attitude = (Core Desires + Direction) X Proper Action + Persistence. Still, a Core Desire by itself won’t get you where you want to go. If you live in California and want to drive to Washington, D.C., you may have a great desire, but you still need direction.

The Source of Motivation and Determination

When a person persists at a task, we say that person has determination or motivation. But where does that determination come from? Some would say it comes from dedication, commitment, or sense of duty. But I believe that Core Desires are the sole source of both the determination and the motivation that are critical for success. If you are not pursuing a Core Desire, you won’t be very motivated or dedicated. You won’t pursue something relentlessly unless it is a Core Desire. Once you learn to unleash the power of your Conquering Force by drilling down to the Core Desires in all areas of your life, you will find your life filled with more joy, satisfaction, and balance. Notice that I said learn. Tapping into your Conquering Force happens automatically once you learn to correctly identify your Core Desires.

The Unlimited Power Within

An unlimited power to create lies within you. When you act on your Core Desires, the outcome is often far grander than you might imagine. “Outcomes are often not what I expect,” said Wally, “and yet I always find myself feeling completely satisfied with the way things work out. When you have faith in the outcome, no matter what it may be, you cannot stop yourself from living and working with enthusiasm. As I put what I feel into action, I am filled with vitality and happiness.” When Wally was forced out of his own cookie company, it seemed utterly unfair. But he refused to be a victim.

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