Anthony Pompliano on the Future of MONEY, and how BITCOIN Will Change The World As We Know It

6 Steps Not to Take When You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

We have all found ourselves at one time or another experiencing the agony of the rug being pulled out from under us, and finding ourselves sitting on our bottoms wondering where to go from there. Nowadays things are rough; the current state of the economy has caused mortgages to be recalled, people are facing bankruptcy, divorces, loss of jobs… all these events can be coined as hitting rock bottom where an individual, regardless of age is facing the need to start over in a situation.

Is it Worth Doing? Take the Tingle Test

I was rushing to the CNBC TV studio to be on time for my segment. My mind was poring over the details of what I wanted to say. Then a line came to me, a show-stopping dazzler that summed up how one of America’s favorite electronics companies had shafted the consumer. A tingle, like an electric quiver shot up my spine to my medulla oblongata. I knew I was onto something memorable, recalls this top keynote speaker, best-selling author, and celebrated corporate consultant.

Achieve Financial Break Through With Motivational Life Quotes

Financial Freedom – It is something that everyone wants but only few peoples are able to get it. Only 20% of population is really able to get financial break through and for the rest of 80%, financial freedom just seem to be a long distant dream.

Top Tips For Overcoming Shyness During the Party Season

Overcoming shyness can take some time and it’s good to have some practical strategies in mind to help you. It’s important to recognize that being shy isn’t something you have to live with, especially if you feel that it’s hampering you from doing the things you really want to. With a little bit of work, overcoming shyness is something that is achievable. If you’d like to feel more confident and relaxed in social situations, read on for 3 top tips for overcoming shyness.

How to Get Rid of Procrastination Today

If you want to learn how to get rid of procrastination today then this article will help. Procrastination has been known to cause a large number of problems. People put off doing things that are very important when they procrastinate. Procrastination distracts us from doing the jobs that need doing and so we find reasons to do other jobs rather than the one we have been putting off.

How to Capture Miraculous Moments, Magical Moments

When one is in the flow then every moment is truly magical. In this state of mind, when all resistances are given up, surrendered, one can manifest and sometimes, instantaneously.

If at First You Don’t Succeed – Well, You Know the Drill

The problem for me – and I suspect, for you too – is “the roadblock.” This is the will to power, commonly WILLPOWER. Many people I know see me as having tremendous willpower, but I know better.

Your Mind-Clock

Are you sometimes accused of being a workaholic? Do you feel that you have plenty more to achieve but not enough time in which to achieve it? Perhaps you just have too many projects on the go which leave little time for anything else like health, fitness and family?

Causes of Procrastination and Their Cures

Learn about the causes of procrastination so you can stop them. Once you can find why you are procrastinating you can become massively more successful in any area you apply yourself to. Procrastination is the killer of dreams – eliminate it with these simple tips.

Find the Courage to Chase Your Dreams

As children we have big dreams about what we are going to do as adults, about the people we are going to become. Whether it is flying to the moon as an astronaut, saving lives as a firefighter, or winning the World Series with a home run, there is no little voice in our heads telling us we can’t.

Knowledge is Not Power – Knowledge Plus Action is Power

Most good ideas never materialized. Why? Because they fail to be acted upon – they stay as ideas and never become anything. At some point in time, each and every one of us has had access to valuable information, but do nothing with it.

7 Simple Steps to Retrain Your Brain and Change Your Life Forever

From this moment on, begin to see the positive forces in your life. Use that positive energy to retrain your brain into a dynamic force. You’ll not only begin to see yourself differently, but other people will begin to see you, and treat you, differently.

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