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Why Rejection Isn’t So Bad

You go somewhere, you find someone that you is very appealing to your eyes and so you decide to go up and build some rapport. Finally, you ask her out but she says no, and gives her reason. What you have experienced is rejection.

Keep on Learning – Through All Kinds of Experiences

The big learning experience for me was the health problems suffered by my dog, Lucky, and the insights I got from both my own and others’ reactions to the situation (including Lucky’s!). My dog has been in my life for over 11 years.

Employee Motivation is Linked to People’s Needs

In this brief article on employee motivation, author is going to give you some rules. One of the major challenges of the corporate world today is employee motivation. How do you get them to do their jobs more willingly?

If You Want to Be the Best at Anything – Have a Passion For It

The secret to being successful is actually getting started in the first place. It seems really obvious doesn’t it? but this is the first hurdle that so many people fail to overcome. Getting started sometimes seems easy, but it is actually very often quite difficult to get motivated to begin with.

Do You Really Need Self Motivation?

Anxiously, you prepare to write the last sentence in your “success journal.” Looking back over the past year, you have completed all of your goals. Astonished – you have never felt as successful in your life. You managed to lose 15 lbs, take the kids to Disney World, and successfully start your own home-based business. It had seemed like a long-haul at the time, but looking back as you make your final reflection, it seems more like an adventure.

I Can Fly Like a Plane Or Soar Like an Eagle

What is the difference between flying and soaring? Is there are big difference between both? What is the difference between attitude and altitude? Let us begin.

Beating Procrastination – 5 Steps to Defeat Opportunities Assassin

Do you find yourself getting distracted when you have important tasks to do? Are you checking your email for the umpteenth time instead of calling that prospect?

3 Ways to Improve Your Life TODAY!

Big dreams? Big goals? Big resolutions? Great! That may just be why you are not accomplishing any of them! Small action steps are what get you to succeed in doing anything! It is just like climbing a staircase… you cannot get to the top unless you have started by stepping on the first step. Here are 3 ways to start make a difference starting today.

The Secret to Effective Visualisation

Visualisation is a popular strategy used by many professionals, as well as many others who know of its benefits. It is the ultimate resource we have, to control and direct our actions, by using the power of our brain.

Telling People What We Want Motivates Them

Why is telling other people what you want, important? When we tell others what we want, they visualize clearly. In general, people are reluctant to ask questions that will clarify their thinking, so when we speak about what we want, they are receptive. On the other hand, if we tell others what we don’t want they are left to assume what we do want.

How to Add Pizzazz to Your Humdrum Life

It’s been said that variety is the spice of life. The problem is that life often is like eating porridge without any milk and sugar. Every day seems like the day before it, and the day before that. Is there an end to this vicious cycle? The key is to take certain steps to add some spice to your life. Here are some of the most effective ways:

5 Ways to Avoid Overwhelm and Live Your Life Happily

Did this ever happen to you? You got so behind in your work that you started to panic, you couldn’t think straight, and you felt out of control – felt angry and frustrated at yourself and everyone around you, you felt mentally and physically exhausted?

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