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Tips On The Characteristic Of Growth

“If you can not fly, Run. If you cannot run, walk and if you cannot walk, crawl. By no means be making progress.” “Brother, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do; forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead” Philippians 3:13.

Action Is A Proof Of Faith

Thomas Edison said success is one percent inspiration and 99% percent perspiration. It is good to listen to tapes; it is good to read Books; it is good to attend seminars; it is good to be fired up and inspired. But after all of that, do something.

How To Select An Inspirational and Motivational Speaker

Do you need to know how to select a motivational speaker who can motivate your audience? Motivational speakers are a unique breed. They are excellent with words and they can definitely stir emotions and provoke personal change. Speakers usually have some degree of a celebrity status and a lot of are megastars in the industries of their specialty.

Starting the Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle

It can be tough to start the journey of living a truly healthy lifestyle, but it is not impossible my friend. The only thing holding you back is you. Do yourself a favor and start the journey today!

Against All Odds – 3 Things You Can Do To Get and Stay Motivated

In these uncertain times of economic disparity the need for motivation and empowerment is paramount. To get and stay motivated we must Refocus, Reposition, and Resurrect.

Why You Must Never Give Up

In life there are challenges, options and solutions. We make choices based on what we see and know. And these become a great daily influence on our decision making.

Inspiration to Help You Double Your Income

It has been said that if you continue to do what you have always done then you will get what you’ve always got. How can you change what you do to improve your results?

Overcome Your Fear Of Failure

The fear of failure is not a thing. It is not like a heavy, marble table that we can just move out of the way. We just think that it is. What really stops us, from being bold, from really stepping out and going beyond our comfort zones, is that we think of fear of failure as a thing and things are hard to change. Tables are things. Our fear of failure is not a thing. It is nothing (no thing). You can’t overcome something that doesn’t exist.

Leave Life Better Than You Find It

One of the lessons I learned as a Junior Girl Scout was “leave it better than you found it”. I also discovered that I can apply the concept to people.

Use Motivation to Make Money at Home

There is no point in learning all there is to know about motivation if you are not going to benefit from all that it can offer. In many cases people are just looking for an easier life and often than is dependent on how much money one has to live on.

Redeeming Eden – Living Our Passions

God made us for a purpose, or better, to live for a purpose. We know it when our passion embellishes our inherent joy and that contributes to the production of meaning for others. Notwithstanding our responsibilities to feed, clothe and educate our families, we have a duty to follow the passions that God’s place deep in our hearts.

Self Esteem – 8 Things You Should Know Today

Low self esteem and being uncommonly successful cannot go together. The two are strangers, they do not hang out in the same neighborhood, neither do they walk together. Low self esteem and success and success are not attracted to each other. However all is not lost if you are struggling, because self esteem can be worked on and developed just like any other quality you may want to possess, for example, charisma. I unravel eight truths that will set you free and release you into a realm where you can stand at par or even head and shoulders above the rest if you choose to exceed and excel beyond the call of the ordinary.

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