ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING – Best Motivational Speech On Success

Motivation, Mind and Body Improvement

Increasingly in turbulent economic times individuals don’t want to be seen away from their desk for too long. People want to be seen adding value to their company, be enthusiastic and hard workers

Practice is Motivating

What do hockey player’s birthdays and The Beetles early gigs in German strip clubs teach us about MOTIVATION? They both serve as really great evidence that innate ability is NOT a very important factor in achieving success. When we realize that and take it to heart, we are encouraged to believe that we can indeed accomplish ANYTHING if we are willing to do the work involved, and that knowledge provides us with the motivation we need to pursue our goals with confidence and enthusiasm.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Self Confidence Level?

Did you know that you always determine and judge your self confidence by how you performed in a similar situation sometime in the past, whether it was a week ago, a month ago or as a young person? If you did well, you think you have great, unstoppable and perhaps unshakable self confidence. You will feel happy with your performance and you will be highly motivated and ready to do it all over again, and with even more self confidence and poise.

You Can Do It!

Have you ever lost the desire to do something? That’s basically what motivation is, an ongoing desire that fuels you to continue in whatever you are focused on achieving. It’s easier to lose your motivation than to keep it because people seem to have a give-up mechanism built in. So don’t let others keep you from your goals by talking negative things to you; in the mind is where it all begins.

Why Do I Procrastinate and How Can I Stop?

Procrastination is probably the number one problem that holds people back. So why do people procrastinate? In this article I will reveal reasons that people procrastinate and show you where you can find more information that that will help you end your procrastination once and for all. Do not put this off, read on right now.

Be the Best

The most crucial first step in achieving a goal is to get out there on the edge and make it big. In the words of Donald Trump “If you are going to think anyway, you might as well think big.” When you bite off more than you can chew and declare to the world that you are going to do something amazing, this boldness motivates and excites you to tackle your challenge and invest the appropriate amount of energy into it. Anything less and you just won’t care enough.

The Checklist

Why is it that when we go through tough times we focus on all the wrong things? If you become unemployed, you stare at what money you have and that’s where you keep your focus.

Five Ways to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Goals

Are you having one of those days when nothing seems to go right? Is every task you try to do harder than you thought it would be, and do you seem to encounter problem after problem along the way? We all have stressful times during our lives when everything seems to be going wrong, but it’s crucial to stay positive as giving in will usually make the situation worse.

Quick Cure For Project Procrastination

I believe taking time for a project inventory is a good investment-both in business and in our personal lives. Disorganization can stall our creativity, but we don’t have to let it stop us from moving forward with projects we’ve wanted to complete. This article is a look at how I came to the realization that we don’t have to avoid those messy projects.

Thought is the Cause of it ALL

Philosophers and doctors of law have taught us ever since the days of old that what we think will manifest itself into physical existence. The law of karma is defined basically as: What we reap, we sow. This also is the law of cause and effect, which is that what goes around comes back around again.

5 Top Tips to Increase Study Motivation

Have a big test coming up but just not motivated to study? It doesn’t matter if you are currently a student still in school or an adult picking up new knowledge, everyone of us have experienced a lack of motivation to study. Fortunately, with will power, determination and some simple tips & techniques, anyone can have study motivation.

Take the Risk, It May Payoff Big For You!

Are you afraid of taking risks, afraid you may lose something valuable? What if by not taking any risks, you still lose what you have? That is a very real possibility, believe it or not. That job you’re afraid to take in another city, may not be there when you get laid off next month…besides, you may like it better than what you have! Weigh the benefits, and if it makes sense, go for it!

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