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Online Business Set-Backs Help Us Gain Experience

Setbacks makes one emerge stronger. If by the first year you don’t make money, seek advice from online business experts and read widely on business strategies. Giving up should not be an option.

The Tao of Work – How Do We Turn Work Into Play?

The Tao of Work is a blog focusing on integrating a deep sense of purpose into one’s work. By melding spirituality and work in a practical format, articles guide readers to examine their assumptions about work and begin to find and create meaning in their careers.

Finish What You Start

There are people that love to start new projects or introduce something new into their business but unfortunately never seem to produce a final product. Most of the time, they either get bored with it or stall out and don’t break through to completion or finish at all. What makes someone stop midstream?

Taking on a Challenge

Whenever life presents a challenge, don’t ignore it just embrace it. It is being put in your life for a reason and until you face it, it will surface again and again. Some people face financial challenges while others experience health or career difficulties.

Running Off Course?

You’re driving in traffic one day following the car in front like you do and next thing the most bizarre thing happens. That car in front starts gently veering from the roadway, and enters the emergency stopping lane without correcting… it even continues, further and further away from you.

Movers and Shakers Are Not Born – They Are Made

Movers and Shakers are people who get things done. They are the entrepreneurs who literally create value out of thin air while having access to very limited resources. They are the unstoppable achievers. Eternally on the move starting new projects or resuscitating defunct ones.

The Key to Staying Motivated

I get asked all the time what the key to getting or staying motivated is. We all know that getting a lot of no’s can be discouraging, and we also know how successful we are when we’re highly motivated – nothing can stop us! So what is the key to staying motivated…

How to Get Motivated and Love Your Job Again

Remember your very first day on the job? Your shoes had a shine like the tiles on the Space Shuttle and the crease in your slacks could have diced celery. The air was somehow fresher, the birds chirpier. You had been hired. You’d been given a chance to excel, a chance to make a difference.

Self Improvement and Motivation

Everyone should be interested in self improvement and motivation, but most people are satisfied with the “status quo”. Even people that say they are unhappy with their lives continue to repeat the same behavior patterns over and over again, throughout their lives. All good self improvement ideas begin with one thing.

What is the One Skill That No Trainer, Coach, Or Fitness Professional Can Teach You?

If you are an athlete about to engage in a strength and athletic performance program then you must have some level of skill to be effective. Allow yourself to read the following article to learn about what particular skill cannot be taught by any coach or trainer!

How to Live a Successful and Fulfilled Life

There are a few people in this world of ours who lead successful and fulfilled lives. Perhaps not a few, but many. What’s their secret?

Why Bother Changing Your Limiting Beliefs

The way we do most things and the way we react to most things in our lives is determined by our habitual thoughts that have become our beliefs or belief system. We have basically two types of beliefs or belief systems; those empowering, enhancing beliefs that support us, and those disempowering, limiting beliefs that halt us from accomplishing all that we desire.

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