Be Aware Of Your Own Thinking! | Ed Mylett | #Shorts

Finding Gratitude – Gaining a Fearless Shift in Perspective

You can’t expect anything new to come into your life without first having a genuine sense of appreciation for what you have now.

You Choose Your Thoughts

We are in control of our own thoughts and our thoughts lead to our actions. When you are discouraged, you could choose to fill your mind with negative, limiting thoughts that will deepen and intensify your discouragement. You have often accumulated many fears, false assumptions and self-limiting beliefs from the people around you, the people closest to you, so that you can feel like you fit in.

Believe You Deserve Only the Best

After you have decided what you want, visualized it, and believed it can happen, the next step is receiving it – fully and wholeheartedly.

The Twelve Second Mind, Body and Business Refresher

Do you have 12 seconds to refresh yourself in mind, body and business? That’s the maximum amount of time it takes to relax – to let go of the rev that may be costing you in efficiency, the busyness that may be masquerading as accomplishment and the noise (the thousands of things going round in your mind) that keeps you stuck or spinning.

Motivation – Your Key To Success

This article is focused on staying motivated with your home business or website. I hope it is helpful to many that are trying to earn an income online.

Motivation for Mediocrity

Do we, as a society, motivate for true success? Or do we motivate just to get by? In your job, are you motivated to be above average or just to keep off the bosses “naughty list”? One more question: Why do we motivate ourselves, our employees, even our children for mediocrity?

We Never Know When It Will Be Our Final Opportunity

It is all about priorities and what we count as really important. It is all about success and not necessarily how men measure success. It is all so radical. Perhaps too radical for you.

Yes! You Can Get There!

With each act, your confidence grows. Take the first step and you’ll gain the confidence to take the next step. You will find that the more you do, the more you’ll be able to do.

Do You Have A Personal Action Plan? I Don’t Think So!

If you ask most people where they think they will be in 10 years time, most just shrug and say they hope for the best. Perhaps they will want to own their house, or move to another state. Some will just want good health and a happy relationship. These goals are all perfectly fine but you really need to define exactly what you want in life so that you will take steps to achieve your goals and dreams. Dreams motivate you to be your best. Without dreams, one can slip into a mundane routine with no real planned outcome.

Decisions, Decisions! An Introduction to Decision Making

All human beings instinctively make decisions from the time they start to think coherently. But did you know that research shows majority of us do not make good decisions? Thus, it is important to be knowledgeable about what is decision making, as well as which techniques in decision making actually work.

Four Helpful Tips in Becoming a Good Communicator

The comprehensiveness of your arsenal of communication skills determines how far you could get professionally. Improving your communication skills boosts your chances of becoming a success. This is precisely the reason why self-improvement in the area of communication is crucial to your professional and even personal development.

Go For The Goal

Goals are dreams with deadlines. Everyone has goals in life, and they can be achieved with careful thought and planning. Here is a guide to help you plan a strategy to reach those goals. Be realistic. Once you have set your goals, see if they are realistic and reachable. Goals have better chances of being reached if you see them as doable.

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