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Staying Motivated

Motivation is the key to success. It establishes and brings into reality all of our aspirations and desires. Staying motivated is achievable through the help of those who have the right attitudes, principles and training. If you want to invest in the development process of self, then it is highly agreed that more steps should be taken towards staying motivated.

Saying No

I am sure you have said “yes” to someone before when you meant to say “no.” At that moment you feel vulnerable and wish you could have that moment back. You may have experienced the fear and guilt of hurting the other person’s feeling. However, you may be hurting yourself.

Bring Out the Power From Within

We all have personal power. Some of us exercise our personal power to its highest capacity. Our lives are constantly changing and we may find ourselves in indecisive situations that make us doubt ourselves. However, it is very important not to let circumstances control your life. You must rise above your situation and dig deep inside to bring your personal power to the forefront.

Extinction of Bad Health Habits

Are your health habits killing you slowly? Learn how to phase out a bad habit and get stronger, fitter and healthier.

Quick, Simple Ways to Recharge

With juggling kids, homeschooling, home, business, everything that we as Mothers have in our hands, it can really get tough sometimes. So, what do you do to recharge? What helps you make it through and feel creative or inspired or just able to face things again? Here are some things that work for me.

Tackling Procrastination – Six Ways to Overcome It

Do you find yourself procrastinating? Putting off tasks that truly need done? Here are some of the main reasons for procrastination and ways to overcome them.

Overcoming the Five Causes of Procrastination

In my last article, I wrote about how process can help people raise their self-esteem and expand their comfort zones. In this article, I give a practical example of how the power of process can help individuals overcome the archenemy of self-esteem, something we call procrastination…

Generation X and Next – Are you Apathetic?

Have you been told that you are apathetic, cynical, rebellious or a slacker? If you were able to answer yes to those questions, you have been labeled as generation x or generation next. Even if you do not consider yourself young enough to be a part of either of these generations but feel as if you are apathetic, cynical, rebellious or a slacker, this information is for you too!

Give Yourself an Attitude Tune-Up

After that initial burst of enthusiasm, do you find it hard to sustain the momentum, especially in the dark, cold days of winter? If you find yourself slipping into the doldrums of the same old life again, it’s time for an attitude tune-up.

Your Thoughts Are Your Way to Having a Prosperous Life

Most of us crave for prosperity, wealth and good things. However, some of us are still unaware that everything begins in the mind. Your thoughts are your way to having a prosperous life.

Failure As A Teacher

Many people want to change their fortunes yet don’t know how to begin. Others have a desperate desire to make like altering changes but have a tremendous fear of failure. Starting a small business, or any kind of business, usually brings clamors of joy when discussed and absolute fear when …

How To Let Go Of Anxiety Day By Day

When you feel anxious or shy about a particular event or situation, there is a great method that you can utilise any time and any where. You can feel confident, less anxious and ready to do what you have to do, easily and happily.

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