Be More PRODUCTIVE, PRIORITIZE Your Time, and Get Things DONE!

The Billionaire Mindset

How do billionaires think? What are they thinking that you’re not? What if every morning you awoke with EXCITEMENT for the possibilities of what you might be guided to create?

Do You Need Focus To Achieve Your Goals Faster?

We all know the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but when it comes to getting to our goals we rarely follow this simple rule. There are many reasons for this and one very effective cure – Focus.

Encouragement: The Ability to Motivate Action and Endorse Good Behavior

Make an effort to motivate others with heartfelt encouragement and see where it takes you. Building others up will take you further than all the criticism you can boot out. How many compliments can you give today?

Loving The Experience

We as adults have a tendency to put ourselves in situations that we consider ‘stressful’, and then instead of making a choice as to whether or not to accept or change the situation

Don’t Let Obstacles Stop You!

This article will encourage to fight through tough times. Bad things will happen and sometimes they’ll seem insurmountable. But, always remember to hold on to your faith.

The Secret To Motivating Yourself To Success

If you need to motivate yourself to get your goals accomplished, there’s a free and truly inspiring report that will help you do just that.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone: You Must First Fight the War Before You can Wear the Medal

What is it that you desire most? Is it to be happily married to the man or woman of your dreams? Or maybe it’s to own your house free and clear, or to get out of debt, or to not have to ever worry about money again. Most likely, it’s a mixture of several things. Every one of us has something stirring inside us that keep us up at night. The desire to improve one’s situation seems to be pre-programmed in all humans; however, unfortunately not all of us will achieve that end.

Opportunity Plays Tricks

Opportunity loves to play tricks on people who are seeking success in their own businesses and these games to these people are not fun at all. Opportunity likes to play tricks by disguising itself as failure, misfortune, temporary setbacks or defeat.

Why Are We Afraid to Start Our Journey?

We all overcame our first day at school so every other challenge in life, in theory, should be a walk in the park. Unfortunately, we all have been conditioned to believe certain things and think in certain ways. Our fears limit so much of what we are truly capable of.

What Obstacles Get in the Way of Our Journey?

We often get signs or signals when we are on our journey to our purpose in life. Recognizing these signals can help us overcome and even avoid some of the obstacles we are likely to encounter. The journey back to our true self is seldom without its challenges and how we address those challenges will determine the outcomes we get.

What Keeps Us Motivated?

Inspiration comes from energy and when we are around people who are upbeat, positive and energized, we cannot help but feel energized and inspired ourselves. Inspiration really means bringing in spirit and this is an important ingredient when making your visions become a reality.

Facing Your Dragons in Life

Whenever we are going for something in life, we will inevitably face challenges. They may be small hurdles or major battles. Our dragons are our limiting beliefs and fears about why we can’t have what it is we truly desire. When we confront our fears, we simply realize they weren’t as threatening as we made them out to be.

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