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18: Why Is Spiritual Growth So Important?

Growing spiritually means we learn to be able to live our full potential and we need to make sure that our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body are in balance.

Mishmash – The Lifestyle

If you could think more like a woman, you’d be smarter?

Five Ways To Brighten Your Future

Each of us has our own pursuit of happiness. Each of us has pieces of advice we’ve acquired to help improve ourselves. The following article is a great reminder of five things we need to remember to find our bright futures and our continuing pursuit toward our bliss.

5 Keys to Building a Strong Determination

How can we build and keep our determination strong down each pathway of achievement we travel? Here are 5 valuable keys to building a strong determination…

Life Coaching Supports You In Nurturing Your Life

A life coach supports a person in excelling is his or her life just as a sports coach supports an athlete in excelling in a sport. By recognizing your strengths and connecting to your inner knowingness you can leave behind your limiting beliefs and move forward into an expansive life.

Growing Healthy, Healthy Growing

Health includes four important aspects: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. These aspects are interconnected-an imbalance in one will affect the others and we can be thrown out of balance, and into dis-ease. To really be healthy, we need to pay attention to all four aspects, and a life coach can help.

Is Your Communicating as Good as Your Driving?

There is a long, long list of things people commonly do very poorly in their communications with others. You will recognize whether or not you could use help with communication skills as you read on. Think of it as a communications road test!

Johnny’s Not Really Angry – He Just Needs A Hug

Have you ever wondered why men can run into burning buildings to save their buddies from certain death, give them mouth to mouth and donate a kidney – but in a different situation and at a different time, not even be able to give the same bloke a hug?

LOST: The Real Me – Call 1-800-IDENTITY

Have you ever met someone who has seemingly lost their identity to their career (or perhaps to something else)? And if you take them away from that career (or whatever it is), it’s like they don’t know who they are… because that is who they are… It (whatever it is) gives them their confidence, their self esteem… and their identity.

New Year’s Resolution: Try Unplugging!

On January 4, 2007 I’ll be celebrating one year without cable or satellite TV service. That makes me a little unusual, to say the least. According to the A.C. Nielson Company, the average American can be expected to invest the equivalent of 2 full, nonstop months watching TV next year, and a total of nine years in a 65 year lifetime. That works out to about 4 hours per day. Here’s what Dr. Gary S. Goodman, top speaker, best-selling author, and popular radio and TV commentator has accomp[lished with the extra time.

The Massive Action Practitioner… Ten Rules for Success

Having great ideas can sometimes be a terrible burden.They keep coming and with each new idea the last one gets swept away sometimes never seeing the light of day again. What will separate the Dreamer from the success story is a simple little rule book, now sadly out of print entitled “The Massive Action Practitioner”.

Self Motivation: I Have Three Diamonds

I have three Diamonds and they are precious to me. My life will go for a toss, if any of those diamonds go missing. My life would not have been the same without these diamonds of my life. For me all three are important and precious. Without my first diamond, I will be like a person without backbone; If I don’t have the second diamond, I will not make mistakes and I will not learn. In the absence of the third diamond, I will be like a person living in isolation…in a closed room. I will start thinking as if I am perfect. I will start thinking that whatever I am doing is correct. There will not be anything to master. There will not be any competition and nothing to prove to any one.

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