BEAST MENTALITY – Motivational Speech

Start Living That Dream

Living the dream is all about doing what’s right for you – living the type of life that you can enjoy on an everyday basis. Those who settle into humdrum lifestyles often do so because it’s easy. It is those who step outside of their comfort zones that are able to one day live a life like they’ve always wanted to.

Life is Wicked

I watched a film the other day titled Life is wicked. It got me thinking about life and what people think of it. What does life mean to you? To some life is mean, bad, boring, and wicked, just like the titles of the movie I watched recently. Even some music lyrics have such titles.

Lost Your MOJO? Check Your GPS!

MOJO is that positive spirit that starts inside you and radiates to the outside. What to do when it’s on vacation and you’re not?

How Can T Harv Eker Help You Develop Your Millionaire Mindset? Plenty of people do wish to get rich and enjoy their financial liberty. At times, these folk would go such a ways in order to achieve such a goal.

Persistence Can Work Miracles

What traits do successful people have? They are ambitious, hard-working, optimistic and enthusiastic. But above all they are persistent. They never give up, never waver or swerve from their purpose; they stay with it despite the setbacks and problems; they are strong-willed and determined to succeed.

You Can Afford a Life Coach

You Can Afford A Life Coach Think you can’t afford a life coach and that it’s a service only for people who make a six figure income? Well, that can’t be further from the truth. There are people in many professions that will offer their services at a “bargain” or “sale” price because, more than great financial gain, they want to simply see and feel immense personal satisfaction guiding others to utilize their inner power to achieve their goals and dreams. There are good “deals” everywhere if one knows where to look for them.

The Art of Self Motivation

An ambition cannot be forced. It cannot be an external factor. Since the desire to achieve your goal comes from within, the motivation should also be internal, for any external influence would be more of an inspiration and less of motivation.

Vessels of Mercy

When one door closes, God opens up a bigger and better door for out of rejection comes direction. Life might have dealt you some blows at some point in your life but you have bounced back because you have been shown mercy. Because you have been shown mercy, you have become a vessel of mercy in God’s hands. so you also need to show mercy unto others as you have received mercy.

Divided We Fall – An Acrostic Short Story

In our eagerness to succeed in Team Sports, we often tend to over do our part to prove our capabilities. This works backwards and results in failure because the overall performance required as a Team does not happen! “Team Work”, as it is popularly known, is a concept of disciplined collective endeavour.

Fifty, Unemployed, Rent Or Mortgage Due – Now What?

When I was in my thirties and even early forties I was a workaholic and my boss in Washington media never failed to tell me I was a great problem solver and backed his words with raises which I much appreciated. I was certain this was going to be my life until I retired when I might be in my eighties or so. At age 42, I fell ill and was put on the side lines. My unemployment ran out soon thereafter and, though the illness disabled me, I did not receive disability until four more years.

Get Motivated – Ways to Help You Get Motivated and Stay on Track!

If you feel like a couch potato who cannot get motivated, you are not alone. Most of us have one or more areas in our lives where we experience hitting a brick wall. No matter how much we know we need to get moving, we just cannot bring ourselves to take the first step, nor understand why things feel flat and meaningless.

Set Meaningful Goals to Boost Your Motivation Today

Do you suffer from a lack of motivation? Many people do. It’s very easy to set big goals and feel all excited for a few weeks, but that initial rush of enthusiasm usually wears off as reality sets in, and you have to start doing the day-to-day work of putting your plans into action – which is often not nearly as much fun as dreaming about them! But this doesn’t have to be the case – read on to find out why.

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