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Sport Performance – Inconsistent Motivation and How to Overcome It

Enjoy the motivation and results you want. This article will help you uncover the underlying cause of your inconsistent motivation, discover the nature of these underlying causes and how to quickly overcome them.

How to Give Feedback When You’d Really Rather Not

I spent years in corporate America helping people who were frustrated with other people find the right words to express their disappointment, resentment or anger. People either explode with rage or sit and simmer until they reach the boiling point or develop ulcers. How do you get your point across without killing someone or sabotaging your own self esteem and power?

Using The Will Correctly

The Will is one of our six mental faculties that we often get confused with willpower. Yet it has nothing to do with willpower at all, which is often using brute force to make things happen. We can only do this so long. It is very different than allowing our real power to move through us by holding our vision and focus to the exclusion of all other things.

When Do You Need a Motivational Speaker?

Sometimes there come circumstances where incentive programs seem to stop working. There comes a need of a motivational speaker.

Motivating Yourself: 5 Easy Steps

All the self-help gurus will tell you that you have to get motivated to make your dreams come true. In this article I will share five ways to get motivated. I am sure they will work for you as well as they work for me.

Advising My 18 Year Old Self – Is It Possible?

What were your goals then? What were your dreams? Did you even know how to strive for a dream or a goal when you were that young? You know that there is a process you should follow now, but did you know it then? (Probably didn’t even think of anything beyond the coming weekend – right?) Advising my 18 year old self – is it possible? This is what I would say:

It’s All About You, Baby!

That’s right! It’s all about you, so what are you going to do about it? You can do or say whatever you want, but the fact still remains the same: the only thing that is holding you back from succeeding in your business is you!

Is Work Really Worship?

For a long time, it has been said that work is worship and I wondered why. More so at times when I am more frustrated at work and that is why I wanted to analyse if it is indeed true that work is worship.

Keeping Yourself Motivated

Do you have a hard time keeping yourself motivated and on track to building a successful business? Having clear and specific goals is essential. Here are some tips on how to set your goals to be as effective as possible and keep your motivation levels high.

Do You Love Being a Champion?

There are fundamental issues that shape the life of a champion-to-be; and it has neither specific age nor boundaries, nor physical Amazon like-built, but a lot of heart, passion, intellect, physicality, emotions, and lots and lots of “Intuition.” For some folks, the energies are amazing, and for others, they are extremely challenging, and yet, they get ready to run the Marathon or Olympiads of their lives, and once you taste the sweet and sometimes bitter flavor of Championship…there is no going back.

Tomorrow Is Not A Long Time

One time, I heard a Bob Dylan song called “Tomorrow Is A Long Time”. Well, I am here to repudiate that concept, and say that it is not. It is our perception of tomorrow, and the lessons we need to learn before we can live it properly that make it seem like a “long time”.

Has Your Motivation Died? How To Get It Back

You’re feeling sad, empty inside, and maybe a bit lost. You have an idea about what the cause of this emptiness is, but you’re not exactly sure of the root cause. You do know though, that you don’t like it. The spark that once brought enthusiasm, life, and laughter to your day is nowhere to be seen. The energy that you once put in to your work and your social life is just not there anymore.

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