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That Could Change Your Life!

There are motivational speakers who specialize in helping people change their lives. Please take note that inspirational speakers “help” people change their life because absolutely NO ONE on the face of the earth can make your problems disappear – it is up to you to change your life! Here is a list of a couple of the best inspirational speakers that could change your life.

Dare to Change the World

Young Abraham was working with his dad on a small farm, when he saw a slave master beat a slave to death, right there Abraham said to himself “If I have the chance tomorrow, am going to hit this thing (slavery) really hard”. Then it could have looked like another “mission impossible for a young man”, but that moment marked the beginning of a great revolution for the black race by one young man. Several years later, after failing in business twice and losing elections eight times, this young Man Abraham Lincoln became the sixteen president of America…

Breakthrough Principle: Begin With the Goal in Mind

This is the third in a series of eleven articles on “The Ten Breakthrough Principles.” In this article, the author explains that breakthrough becomes possible when we set our goals, develop strategies to reach the goal, pursue the realization of that goal.

Making a Difference – Working to Improve Your Community

Do you know that you are an important person in the community? And do you know that you can make a difference today to improve your community? Do you want to be one of communities agents of change?

84% Of People Are Ready to Look for a New Job When Recession Ends: That’s Fabulous News!

This month it was reported that 84% of employees claim they will look for a new job when the recession is over. While it makes for great drama, let’s drill down and glean 3 observations and identify a fresh idea from this melodramatic number.

How to Stay Focused and Motivated

In the ideal world, everybody around us would be positive and we would all keep encouraging each other to be the best that we can be. We would never down play the each others ideas and encourage each other in the others endeavors, no matter what.

How To Model Successful People

Something you may have heard that you should be doing is to choose one or more mentors and then try to be like them. It really helps you to achieve your goals, get more accomplished and expand your business if you know who you want to be like. That’s why when you model successful people you should listen to their speaking, or their information products in the background, figure out what are their top three activities and top three avoidances, take their training and apply their course, step by step, so you can follow in their footsteps, but in your…

The Door Of No Return

Recently a few of us had the privilege of spending four days in the Cape Coast of Ghana West Africa. This was a momentous occasion for me and my party made up of a family of five who were recovering from a major traumatic experience and two expatriate security and psychotherapy specialists from the United States. While in Cape Coast, we visited the Elmina and the Cape Coast Slave Castles. The tour guides took us round the castles and finally took us to doors with the inscription – door of no return.

Why Telling the Truth Trumps Secrecy

Some executives think it’s best to keep things ‘close to the vest’. They believe their employees can’t handle the truth. They believe their own knowledge is sufficient to carry the day.

Perseverance and Success

In this article I have written about how perseverance is extremely important to be successful and how it is easy to give up but a positive attitude helps us win at the end. I have mentioned my own personal experiences in this article.

Switching Fear Into Courage Is Your Choice

Do you allow fear into your life? More importantly do you allow it ruin your motivation towards your goals and dreams? Well, no worries because you are not alone! Many feel the frustration that ultimately results from abandoning your goals and dreams because of the ugly word creeping into your mind – fear!

How to Decide What You Want In Life

Have you ever thought of what you actually want in life? The majority of people don’t find out what they want in life until it’s time to pass on to the other side, and that’s very sad if you think about it. A lot of people spend the finest years of their lives watching television or doing things they hate, and in turn they become like living zombies.

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