BECOME SELF DISCIPLINED IN 2022 | Powerful Motivational Speeches Compilation

Stop Settling – Live Your Best Life Now!

Why are you just settling for the table scraps from the banquet of life? How would overcoming your fear and throwing off these chains help you live your best life now? Well don’t throw in your towel – it can be all down-hill from here. When you learn these three simple practices you’ll cast aside the curtains of doubt and discover that you already have everything you need to start living the best life ever.

Turning ‘Can’t’ Into ‘Can’ and ‘Did’

The possibilities I created that day five years ago have all come true. At the time they looked impossible.

Motivation Tips – Dream A Little to Up Your Motivations

Are you feeling jaded, getting nowhere in your current jobs, businesses or careers? Yes? Below are some tips to remove that feelings and rejuvenate your life back to the fullest energy and zest!

Outing Your Innie – Some Tips on Letting Your Introverted Self Out to Play

Introverts refuel their energy by the internal world of impressions, ideas, emotions, and thinking things through. Although they may like people very much, just being in crowds, classes and noisy social functions can be draining and they feel the need to escape to a quiet place to refuel. This article contains some good strategies to deal with the times when you just can’t avoid the event.

Procrastination Plays a Mean Game – The Big “R”

Resistance most often shows up as procrastination and is the easiest to rationalize because we don’t tell ourselves that we won’t ever write that book, walk on the treadmill that’s gathering dust, or start that business we are so passionate about. We tell ourselves we will do it tomorrow. Oh my, that resistance is a sneaky little devil, isn’t it?

Discover Your Top Core Values To Get Your Life Out Of Low Gear

Identify your top five core values so you will have a guide in choosing and prioritizing your interests. You can do it all. Just not all at the same time. Running your latest passion against your values meter can assist you in deciding whether to pursue this interest now, later or even at all.

All Factors Of Wealth And Reality Creation

There are so many factors that affects the building or degeneration of wealth. The result of wealth is a combination of all these factors. Take one of them out and you would reduce your ability to create what you want drastically. Most people when talking about creating wealth tend to mention only some of the factors and not the rest. That is why it is important to see things in an integrated way than in a partial way.

How To Be A Real Man

What do all women want? What do all children want? A real man. A real dad. A real husband. Shed the John Wayne stereotype and choose to be a real man.

Living ‘Outside the Box’ Away From the Comfort Zone

Being different is what makes us tick. Animal species take millions of years to evolve, but people can do this in just seconds. An idea, a thought, put into action while engaging others in the dream, can change our lives permanently for better or worse.

Overcoming Obstacles in Life

No life is without its fair share of problems. We all know the saying ‘it’s not the problems that determine your state, it’s your attitude towards them’, but this often seems much easier said than done. Here are some practical tips to help you persevere through life’s challenges.

The BAR Cycle And Compulsive Behavior

The BAR Cycle is a powerful method to understand what makes us do destructive things and to control these compulsions. The BAR cycle applies to addiction, abuse, eating disorders and other compulsive behavior. Based on the recovery rate, with the billions of hours devoted to addiction, abuse, eating disorders, phobias and other compulsive behavior, human motivation is clearly not an exact science. This article may not be for you if you’re looking for graduate level book learnin’. But, if you’re looking for the lessons learned over decades by a man battling his own destructive compulsions, read on.

Where All Successful People Have Begun And What You Can Learn From It

All successful people have a beginning just like you. Learn what you have in common with them and how to use it to your advantage to become just as successful.

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